My New Blog: A Learning Wife

To reflect the new chapter of life that I have entered into, I have started a new blog: “A Learning Wife”.

From the “About” section on that blog:

I started this blog to document & chronicle the things that I am learning as a new wife, hence the name “A Learning Wife”.  I am learning so much already as a wife! I am learning how to love my husband well, how to handle working FT while keeping the home and being a wife, new recipes, more about Jesus and His Gospel, how to manage life, and so much more! While this blog will have an array of different topics posted, it is my hope and prayer that this will be of encouragement to other women that are single, courting, engaged, or newly married like myself! By no means is this blog a statement of me having it together! Oh no! This blog is a means of showing of God’s grace to me and my need for Him daily as I learn, learn, and learn. I’ll be sharing articles, recipes, what I am reading in the Word and in books, sermons & messages, cooking methods… all things domestic & all things Gospel centered!

Feel free to follow and subscribe to that blog! I will not be posting at this one anymore, Life in Return.



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