Nothing is Impossible

What an amazing God we serve!
In reading Luke 1 this morning, I marveled at how God caused Elizabeth to be pregnant with a son despite her being past child-bearing age. I also marveled at how He brought forth a baby in the womb of Mary despite her having known no man. How right Gabriel is when he says:

… nothing will be impossible with God.
– Luke 1:37

Through Elizabeth and Mary, God brought forth John the Baptist, a means of grace, and Jesus Christ, the believer’s Lord and Savior. John was sent to warn the people to repent and turn from their sins. Jesus was sent to be the One that sinners turn in their repentance. How lovely is the Gospel. What a merciful Lord we know. How great Jesus is to condescend and become a man in order to die the death that we should’ve done. This God turns the hearts of men to Himself! It’s all of grace and all of mercy and all of pure love. Though I once was lost and rebellious, this God of the impossible called me to Himself and mercifully saved me. Blessed be His holy name!

And as we pray for family and friends that don’t know Jesus, let us remember that nothing is impossible with Him. Even though we may look at them and think it is close to hopeless, be encouraged — The same God that called us out of our mire can call them too. He is GOD!


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