The Growing Up of a Girl

Time to put away childish things…
No more walking in shoes too big for me
I put them on
Stumbling along the way, but…
Learning to walk nevertheless
It used to feel like dress-up time long ago
And now the clothes fit me well
Lining my closet with femininity
My shoes bear the marks of desired maturity
Once tried to just ‘stride rite’ and now I desire an ‘easy spirit’
No more bibs for me… I know how to eat now
Sometimes I choke, but…
I’m learning how to chew, how to digest, how to swallow
And now the food is feeding me well
Oh, this life… this growth
Growing pains and much refrain
Putting Jesus on in every aspect
Bagging up my old me… that rotten man
No bleach enough to get those stains out
But Jesus’ blood… yes
The ultimate Clorox for the soul…
For the life…
For the heart…
For the mouth…
For the mind…
For the… me
And as I grow more into Him
I grow more into Jenn
The Jenn He created me to be
Feminine and imago Dei
Goodbye, little girl


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