Ahh, the Squirrel!

DSC03920, originally uploaded by Jenn T. | lifeinreturn.

I only shared this dream with a few friends earlier this week, but figured – hey, why not share it with others? It was pretty funny, and the sad part was that I wasn’t even asleep… I was daydreaming. Here is the email:

Dreamt that two squirrels came up to me holding hands and asked me what the Gospel was. So I sat down on the ground and explained it to them. As I was explaining it more creatures came – birds and bugs and other animals. When I finished they were all crying and repentant. The wasps were sorry for stinging people and vowed to not do it again. And then I was like – but guys the Gospel is for humans only. And so they got upset. And I explained to them that they were bad because we are. And that was it. Thought it was pretty funny. Even more so funny bc I wasn’t really like asleep when I imagined this scenario. I need help lololol!!!


One thought on “Ahh, the Squirrel!

  1. Rachel says:

    ROTFL!!! Sis, this just made my whole week *crackingup* THANK YOU.

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