Studying the Bible

This past Saturday I had the privilege of attending a seminar taught by Matt Chandler on how to study the Bible. Sometimes I have trouble because I either try to do too much or I cram it in my mind or I fail to pause & really think on what I’ve read. This causes me to end up forgetting it and therefore, I don’t retain. And well, if you’re not retaining what you read in Scripture, how can it be useful for you?

The method that Chandler shared was:
Journal the verses that stand out to you along w/questions and observations
Write out the application (no ambiguity allowed!)
And pray through what you have read

He also gave a formula that would go something like this:
5 minutes of reading
5 minutes of journaling verses, observations, and questions
5 minutes writing out the application
5 minutes of prayer

You can adjust the minutes to what will be of best benefit to your growth. He advised not to start off at 20 as it could prove to be overwhelming to start off with, so start small.

Determined to put this bad boy into play, I went out and purchased a pretty blue spiral so that I could record my notes, verses, observations, and questions. Excited and feeling prepared, I decided to follow the plan. And by God’s grace, I’m not doing it alone! A sweet sister reached out to me and we’re doing this together. I’m so grateful for the accountability. So, some upcoming blog posts will be on any observations and questions and thoughts from the day’s Text. I’m looking forward to sharing in hopes that it will be a blessing and spur others to dig in as well! Please check out the seminar and be encouraged, motivated, and challenged to spend time in God’s Word.


3 thoughts on “Studying the Bible

  1. Erica says:

    Hey sis! Can I get that plan online somewhere?

  2. Jenn says:

    Hey chica, I don’t know. I googled it and found a plan, but it’s not this one. :\

  3. Jenn says:

    This is the one I found:

    But yea, it’s not the same as the one I have.

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