Biblical Assurance

It is 5:51a and I am wide awake. It’s not that I am not tired, but I am up listening to sermons and would rather listen to them than go to sleep right now. I am currently listening to Paul Washer’s series on Biblical Assurance. I’d definitely recommend this series to anyone who struggles with wondering if they know Jesus and if they are known by Him. I’d also recommend it to those that are sure of their salvation, but struggle from time to time. I have only listened to Biblical Assurance Part 1 & Biblical Assurance Part 2, and am on the way to Biblical Assurance Part 3, Lord willing. I will share some of my notes here.

Notes from Part 1
2 Corinthians 13:5 says to test and examine yourself. With what? The Word of God. Test your life in light of the Word of God.

Eternal life is not a ticket to Heaven and an escape from Hell. John 17:3 explains what eternal life is. It is not just longevity and perfection. Heaven is Heaven b/c God is there.

God is light. He is holy, pure, and perfect. In Him there is no darkness. He is not esoteric or hidden. He has shown us Who He is and what He desires of us; God has made Himself known.

What is our habit of living? Do we walk in a way that contradicts what the Bible teaches about God’s Will and Word? What does my style of life show?

Notes from Part 2
A true Christian will be sensitive to the sin in their life and it will lead to confession and repentance and brokenness.

When was the last time you were broken over your sin? What is your attitude toward sin?

Is your heart responsive to God when He speaks to you about your sin?

How do you respond when someone comes to you and points out your sin? Are you sensitive or are you hard-hearted?

Hiding our sin is like hiding our cancer from the only doctor who has a cure.

Confession: to speak the same thing. When the Holy Spirit points out our sin, we say, “Yes, Lord. What You say about me is true; I confess that to You”.

God desires holiness in all of His children and He will see to it that it happens. (Phil. 1:6)

Isaiah 66:2
– There is hope found in that the Lord looks to the one who is humble and contrite of spirit and trembles at His Word.

Do not be discouraged when God points out your sin. He is FOR you and He points out your sin because He LOVES you and He wants to see You healed.

There’s a Lover of your soul Who loves you more than you can imagine and you have never seen a love like it because nothing compares. His love is so great that you can hardly believe that it is true.

The believer in Jesus Christ has hope because God is not like us. Where men are neither faithful or righteous, He is both.

There’s not ONE unrighteous thing that Jesus cannot forgive you of and set you free.

Unrighteousness: everything that does not conform to the perfect character and will of God; it is a lack of conformity.

1 John 1:10 – When you say you have not sinned, you are not just saying that God is lying but you are saying that He IS a liar.

In Isaiah 6:1-7, God didn’t dismiss or crush; He cleansed.


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