Save the Rain Forest…?


Originally uploaded by JettFoto

Just thinking tonight… Observing how people are more concerned about saving whales, saving the rain forest, gay rights, not wearing fur, and protecting animals, but not many of these people fight for children. They do not fight for babies. They do not fight for the lives of unborn children. They refer to unborn children as fetuses in order to dehumanize them.

What a fallen and sick world we live in when the things that we have dominion over (plants and animals), we worship and spend our lives trying to save, yet when it comes to the lives of precious babies in the wombs of their mothers, a blind eye is turned, and it seems as though they are left to fend for themselves.

Who will fight for those babies? Christians, who will say, “Send me; I’ll go”?

Let us not waste our lives.


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