Observations from Genesis

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God is so good. I praise Him for eyes to see. Today, while reading Genesis 6 – 9, I noticed some things and thought through some things that I hadn’t before. I wanted to share them in this post.

  • He makes the waters burst forth and He makes them cease. He makes winds blow. He gives life, He ends it. He’s precise in how He wants things done. This is the Lord God, creator of all things!
  • In chapters 6 and 7, you see Noah’s character and His walk with the Lord. 6:9 states that he was righteous and blameless and walked with God. 6:22 shows that his obedience in saying that he did all that God commanded him. In 7:1, he is told by God Himself that he is righteous before Him. And in 7:5, it shows his obedience again in stating that Noah did all that the Lord commanded him. Because of Noah’s standing with God, his family got to “go along for the ride” so to speak by being able to come into the ark with Noah (his wife, his sons, his sons’ wives).
  • Scripture does not show us that the animals rebelled, but because of man’s sin, they were punished too. Man has dominion over animals and is the master of them. Because of his rebellion, the animals were punished too.
  • God controls when life begins, how long it is, and when it ends. All of man’s efforts to extend his life will only work as long as God allows them to work.
  • The raven is given no gender; the dove is referred to as female (8:6-12).
  • Noah was saved from God’s wrath by God Himself. So is the one saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Murder is not taken lightly at ALL (9:6)
  • The rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with Noah and his offspring and the animals that He would never destroy the earth by water again. When we see rainbows, is it a sign to us to show us that He remembers?
  • Ham shared his father Noah’s sin with his brothers, but his brothers (Shem & Japheth) covered his nakedness. They covered an offense, while Ham spread it.

I really love reading Genesis. It is probably 1 of my favorite books.

Psalm 19:14,



One thought on “Observations from Genesis

  1. Czarina says:

    I love Genesis.

    Some other things that are cool to know, Noah’s name spelled backwards means grace. “Noah found grace…” Shem is the middle-born kid, Japheth the oldest, Ham the youngest. And its been speculated that Ham castrated his father which is why Noah didn’t have any more children. Another thought is sodomy.

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