How'd you get here?

I often look through the queries that were entered that brought people to my website. Some make sense. Some? Not so much!

23 Jan, Fri, 19:10:53 Yahoo: tis so sweet to trust in jesus a different rendition
23 Jan, Fri, 22:13:20 Google: sermon – glorify God
24 Jan, Sat, 00:35:41 Google: Mansuur Mohammed youtube
24 Jan, Sat, 13:12:00 Google: sermon the will of God
25 Jan, Sun, 18:18:31 Yahoo: life expectancy for hepatitis c
25 Jan, Sun, 20:33:21 Google: “I see your face in every sunrise” “you’re beautiful” stars, moon lyrics
25 Jan, Sun, 21:41:24 Google: sermons on letting god be glorified
25 Jan, Sun, 23:18:05 Yahoo: “I Need Thee Oh” lyrics (hymn)
26 Jan, Mon, 04:15:48 Google Images: King James Version – Holy Bible On Audio CD matthew
26 Jan, Mon, 12:49:11 Google: “let june decide”
26 Jan, Mon, 13:39:30 Google: james mcdonald, CD “I am done with that”
27 Jan, Tue, 07:29:06 Yahoo: its not against flesh and blood but against
27 Jan, Tue, 13:42:58 Yahoo: life expectancy for a person with hepatitis c
27 Jan, Tue, 17:28:47 Google: infj
27 Jan, Tue, 20:28:26 MSN Search: how many calories eliptical 4 miles 40 minutes
27 Jan, Tue, 20:44:09 Google Images: charo washer
27 Jan, Tue, 20:56:27 Google: 3A
28 Jan, Wed, 08:40:30 Google: life in return
28 Jan, Wed, 13:24:27 Yahoo: we do not wrestle against flesh
29 Jan, Thu, 04:36:01 Google: INFJ


One thought on “How'd you get here?

  1. Pam Hl says:

    Hi Jenn! I think I’ve seen your posts @ Independent Conservative before… Tell my daugther & son Jalaylia and Guess that mommie said Hey!

    Mrs. Hayspell : . }

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