A Media Perspective

Source: Alec Baldwin on divorce, Palin

Baldwin: We live in a culture in which humiliating people and bringing people down for scorn is …

Behar: I know.

Baldwin: … is a big part of it. You know, mocking people. I mean, your show, they — you go on YouTube, and the things you say, they sensationalize … If Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] says something …

Behar: Yes.

Baldwin: And she kind of gets into it with you or Whoopi [Goldberg], the next thing on the AOL home page — and what’s dumber than the AOL home page, the AOL home page used to be like the dumbest content you could find — the AOL home page has … the clip of you guys, you know, butting heads for the, only the fourth time that week.

Behar: I know. And I have to constantly tell people that we like each other off the air.

Baldwin: Who cares?

Behar: It’s just on the air. It gets tedious.

Baldwin: Why does everything have to be about the negative, and people’s problems?

Behar: That’s what they like.

Baldwin: This person’s butt is too big. Here’s a — here we snuck some shots of this woman on vacation at the beach.

Behar: I know. But isn’t it a distraction from the real problems of life? You’re losing your job. Your kids are driving …

Baldwin: That’s what’s criminal about it.

Behar: Yes.

Baldwin: I think we need to — we need to focus on what’s wrong. We need to keep our minds on the things that matter, and not what doesn’t matter. And entertainment has become like this opiate that keeps people from focusing on what’s real.

Therein lies the problem, but do men really want the solution? Dig deeper. I agree that entertaiment IS an opiate that keeps people from focusing on what is real and true. I agree, we need to think on the things that matter. But what drives the fact of entertainment being the opiate? What drives the fact that we have a culture who loves to mock and scorn? What’s behind it all?


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