The Seeker Friendly Church

We are not to send out questionnaires to carnal people to discover what kind of church they would attend. A church ought to be seeker friendly, but a church ought to recognize there’s only one Seeker. His name is God, and if you want to be friendly to someone, if you want to accomodate someone, accomodate Him and His glory!
– Paul Washer (Ten Indictments)

There are very popular preachers today who are more concerned about giving you your best life now than they are eternity, and they brag about the fact that they do not mention sin in their preaching. I can tell you this – the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with their ministry, lest He be working against it would be the only thing. When a man says he has no ministry dealing with the sin of men, the Holy Spirit does. It is a primary ministry of the Holy Spirit to come and convict the world of sin. And so know this – when you do not deal specifically, passionately, lovingly with men and their depraved condition, the Holy Spirit is nowhere around you.
– Paul Washer (Ten Indictments)

We’ve traded regeneration for decisionism.
– Paul Washer (Ten Indictments)

Click here to listen:
Ten Indictments (A Historical 21st Century Message)


One thought on “The Seeker Friendly Church

  1. Boaly says:

    Brilliant quotes – Thanks, just found your blog & enjoying so far, hopefully get more time to look through it later

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