"Late" 20s?!

In 1980, at 1:50a on September 26th, a little girl was born. She became the only sister to 2 older brothers and the last child to her parents.

She will be 28 years old this Friday. She’s OLD, right!? She is me, lol.

Where did all the time go? It seems like I JUST turned 21! I remember being in high school, lying about my age, saying I was older than I really was. My mom warned me that those days would cease. And they did. Mainly because the Lord saved me so I desire to live in truth, lol, but also, now? When people ask, I say I am in my 20s. Gosh, I am considered to be in my LATE 20s! I don’t want the word ‘late’ attached to me! Late points to expiration!

But all in all, I am grateful. There’s atleast 5 from my high school graduating class of 1998 that are no longer here. Of all the situations I have put myself in before salvation and during salvation, I’m most grateful. Two words – The Lord.


7 thoughts on “"Late" 20s?!

  1. Expiration?! Nah sis! Some things only get better/wiser with age 😀


  2. daveski says:

    Jenn, you’re still a young lady mature beyond your years. Be encouraged as your salvation is nearer than when you first believed! Good seeing you in Philly, sis!


  3. Donna says:

    Early Happy Birthday Jenn:) I say the same thing about 21 as I look towards (Lord willing) turning 35. Yet as you’ve stated soooo many reasons why I should have been taken out long ago if not for His grace. And the true pleasure of still being here is being able to be used for His glory.

    And I agree with the 2 comments on your being mature and wise for your age:)

  4. jenna says:

    Happy Birthday, Jenn! Glad to have “met” you on this side of heaven. May you feel rejoice on this day as you remember the goodness of God.

  5. Lenz Uno says:

    Sis, don’t say that (especially since I’m right behind you)

  6. Gloria says:

    Happy Birthday Jenn.

  7. naturalsystah says:

    Happy belated birthday!

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