Nope, not even the pope

No human beings, including preachers, teachers, and even apostles, are ever to be put on a pedestal, because no matter how sanctified or transformed to the image of Christ they become, as sinners, their blood is not qualified to save. Their righteousness is neither perfect nor transferable, and their resurrection cannot bring life to others. There is only one sinless sin bearer. His sacrificial blood is infinitely precious, and His redemptive work is unique and forever unfailing. The best man or woman, by comparison, is no comparison for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). There is an immeasurable gap in righteousness, authority, and power to save between Christ and every human ever born, beginning with Adam. Even the martyrdom of the saint with the most personal holiness and piety is of insignificant worth next to the value of the great atonement of Jesus Christ. Even the great apostle Paul was a sinner in need of Christ’s atonement, just like everyone else.
Jerry Bridges, The Great Exchange p127


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