Eugenic Abortion

Back in 2005, ethicist George Neumayr commented: “Each year in America fewer and fewer disabled infants are born. The reason is eugenic abortion. Doctors and their patients use prenatal technology to screen unborn children for disabilities, then they use that information to abort a high percentage of them. Without much scrutiny or debate, a eugenics designed to weed out the disabled has become commonplace.”

This is VERY sad.

seen at albert mohler’s blog


4 thoughts on “Eugenic Abortion

  1. naturalsystah says:

    Wow, I just read this post at Pyromaniac’s blog:

    It’s on the same topic. Society laments the horrors of Nazism and yet allows eugenics. When I was expecting my daughter I was warned that there was a slightly higher risk of Downs’ Syndrome. I immediately rejected any more counselling on the matter as I didn’t want to go down that road.

    It’s truly sad that rather than help families of babies and children with special needs, it’s abortion that’s recommended 😦

  2. Bridget G. says:

    wow, that is like a infant genocide if you will, a disabled genocide, but left up to the very people who are supposed to protect them: The parents, and the doctors who are supposed to “do no harm”.

  3. Lionel Woods says:

    I guess Darwinism has more influence that we thought! Survival of the Fittest, hedonism reigns supreme. Disgusted is how I feel. I didn’t want to even check for these types of genes. My wife did but even with the information it would have not moved us one inch from serving this life from God.

  4. Christopher Lake says:

    I have Cerebral Palsy and am very glad that my parents were not able to “check” for a disability before I was born. I don’t *think* that they would have had me aborted, but I don’t know…. I was born the year that abortion was legalized, and my parents were non-Christians… I’m just thankful that the Lord allowed me to be born and that He ultimately saved me.

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