Life Lately

This is a busy week for me. I feel slightly overwhelmed; add the things that have been happening, and you’d think that I would be frazzled. Aside from some tiredness, I am actually okay. That’s all the Lord and none of me, because left up to me, I’d be somewhere, sitting in a corner, knees up to my chest with my arms wrapped around them, rocking back and forth, and singing Barney.

On Monday, I aced my test with a 100. The test was memorizing the 66 books of the Bible. During the 2 hour and 45 minute class, we took the test, discussed Genesis through Deuteronomy (which means ‘2nd Law’… I did not know that ’til now! Very cool!), viewed maps, and received our homework assignments. That reminds me, I should get started on those. Before the next class, I must read the entire book of Genesis and study the 1st 3 maps in the back of my Zondervan NASB (borrowed for class) and be ready to identify things and places such as the Red Sea, Sinai, Negev, Moab, Ammon, Edom, Ur, Paddan Aram, Abraham’s Journey, Shechem, Beersheba, and Rameses. Those are just a few of the places. I’m not terribly excited to be honest. I am not that great at maps, but prayerfully, the Lord will show me a method that works for me in memorizing the things that need to be memorized.

I have set out to read Psalm 119 then dive into a 3 month focus on the Gospel(s). For the next 3 months, I want to immerse myself wholeheartedly in learning about and studying the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes, I feel like there are gaps in what I know about it due to my struggles here and there with legalism and even self condemnation (sigh). The Gospel is for all of life. I need it, I need to rightly understand it. I need to know my Lord more.


One thought on “Life Lately

  1. jenna says:

    honestly, i struggle with reading the Gospel(s) because Jesus is such a plumb line and i’m so crooked. i need to remember the cross as i’m reading about the life and earthly ministry of Jesus. because, otherwise, i get so self-condemning like you said. but, i will say that i love Jesus more when i persevere in reading the Gospel.

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