All Praise!!!

I was standing in line at a bangin’ (bangin’ = extremely good… yes, I have been Philly-ized!) vegetarian spot at Reading Terminal when this popped into my head… It’s been awhile since I have been able to write… I wrote this down in my Treo and came back to work and typed it up and added a little more.

You’re beautiful, gracious, amazing, You saved us / O Holy Lord Jesus we were dead and You raised us! / You bought us with blood, was your bleeding that saved men / Perfect Lamb of God! Praise the Spirit who changed men! / Precious Redeemer You washed me and bleached me / I received Your righteousness and the Spirit – He ‘teached’ me / My Father – He chose me to be redeemed and made clean / To glorify Him through my life / So His grace could be seen! / Called to be pure, called to show His magnificence / All praise to the perfect One and His perfect obedience!


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