The Baker

I have been reading a blog this morning that I found by doing a search for ‘Wilton decorating class’. His name is Joseph and he has a lot of great looking recipes that he’s blogged about (including one combining mangos and chicken breast!). While reading a post of his from July of 2006, he says about Wilton’s buttercream recipe:

I should point out a couple more things about the icing. The book calls it “buttercream icing”, even though there is neither butter nor cream. In fact, it’s little more than vegetable shortening and powdered sugar. As I took a taste, I was reminded of something Alton Brown said in the Good Eats episode, The Icing Man Cometh: “heck, these things could all be filled with sawdust, and I’d still want to eat every single one of them.” Wilton apparently took this to heart. Their recipe for “buttercream icing” is just about the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. I immediately deemed it unfit for human consumption. This stuff is only good for practicing. If you attempt to actually serve it, you should be ashamed of yourself. In fact, I feel bad for using it on a real cake for practice, because the real cake that I baked actually tasted good before I applied this death paste.

I laughed out loud at ‘death paste’. And to think – I was planning to make a birthday cake this weekend, using that same icing recipe. So glad I didn’t. No death paste here! I found a yummy recipe for the buttercream. Also, I have read that regular fondant is not so tasty as well so… I DID find a great recipe for marshmallow fondant, yes!

Yesterday, when I got in from church, I baked a chocolate sour cream pound cake that was absolutely delicious. I brought it in to work (in my wonderful Sterilite cake server) and it is almost gone. I guess they liked it, which is great news! So far, I know how to make:

• chocolate pound cake (my very 1st pound cake!)
• chocolate sour cream pound cake (extremely chocolately… yes!)
• brownie cupcakes (yes, chocolate… see a recurring theme here? I made these this past weekend for a friend’s birthday party)
• tomato and carrot soup (recipe courtesy of my sis Misha)
• spaghetti (I have known how to make this for a while)
• apple cupcakes (didn’t really like the recipe though)
• chocolate peanut clusters (and various flavor variations, i.e. cherry, raspberry, and mint)
• marbleized chocolate mint and pink lollipops (made for a friend’s bridal shower this past weekend)
• sticky chicken (I’ve known how to make this for some years as well)
• quesadillas (different variations!)

I bought a slow cooker on Friday at Target (for $17.99!) so that will add a new dimension to my cooking. I know enough to make atleast 1 full course meal. I think I would like to get a calendar and plan my meals out. The only downside to cooking is that we don’t have a dishwasher, so I am the dishwasher lol. When I bake or cook, it can create a lot of dirty dishes, so that part can be a drag. But… overall, I love this! I look forward to being able to decorate a cake and have a full fledged decorating arsenal (including decorating tips, colored sugars [of which I have 3 now – orange, blue, and black], and a variety of cake pans)! This has been so fun so far. Whenever I visit and look at my recommendations, there’s yet ANOTHER pan for me to add to my wishlist, lol. One day, one day, I shall have my arsenal built up!


2 thoughts on “The Baker

  1. Joseph Delacruz says:

    thanks for the brownie cupcakes. they are so rich! i’m still working on them, with some milk to aid me in the process. 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Soooo Cool Jenn:) I’ve wanted to do more baking and cake decorating and haven’t gotten around to it lately. Thus far I’ve done two cakes for my daughter’s bday, one a doll cake and I forget the other, I think it was a two layer cake one with a heart one with a circle. Wow I totally forget what it was now! Will have to find pictures.

    But if I’m blessed to marry, my ideal wedding cake would be one made by Missy and decorated by me:) Not sure how the Missy part will pan out LOL but I do desire to make my own. I’m in this place of being more frugal praise Him because I know it’s not linked to my own taste. So I think about how much I could do on my own compared to pre-salvation the amount I would have wasted for one day and totally took focus off of the true purpose of the day.

    And concerning cooking as a whole, I’m doing more cooking now as well and working on menu planning and budget shopping, all that good stuff. Also as a means of preparing for marriage. It’s really forcing me to take a look at home much money I spend out and I get a kick out of seeing how much I’m saving by making it at home. Cupcakes are another thing I’d find myself putting out $2.00 each for them when I can invest in a good pan and make a batch. Really really good fancy ones yet something I can do myself @ home.

    Anyway sorry so long this has me geeked, and I’m sure I’ll be heading to Michaels this weekend:) Actually was going to last weekend but ended up at home cleaning.

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