Once again, I feel the ache in my heart for adoption, especially in light of a dream I had this morning where I was in labor and gave birth to a baby girl. How wonderful it must be to be a mother. As a single woman who is encouraged much to enjoy her single life, I desire to be a wife and a mother very much. In my cooking adventures lately, I’ve longed to have a family to share the pastas, cakes, clusters, and such with. I’ve thought about what a delight it must be to prepare a nice, warm, healthy, filling meal for a hungry husband and children.

My sisters in the Lord, and brothers too, tell me to maximize the time I have when single, and I am. I am learning to cook and bake various things, working on my financial stewardship, learning how to budget, working on implementing healthy lifestyle changes, growing in theology, learning practical application OF the theological knowledge, and then some. I look at Proverbs 31:10-31, Titus 2:3-5, 1 Peter 3:1-6, etc. to see what it looks like as far as Biblical womanhood is concerned. I search the entire Word of God as far as my life as a believer is concerned.

I pray for my husband here and there. I pray that the Lord is strengthening him, that he will cease any habits that are not pleasing to the Lord, that he is growing in Christ, and doing the necessary preparation that needs to take place in order for him to become a Godly husband and father.

And sometimes… it seems as though the opportunities for motherhood and marriage are so far off. I haven’t dated in 2 years, and it’s not because I haven’t had the opportunity; I have. A young Christian woman has to be SO careful with her heart (as do young Christian men). So many brothers only desire to be married without consideration for the heart of the sister they’re pursuing. They pursue an ideal (marriage) versus the ideal woman for them. Some desire to pursue marriage as a means to the end of sexual struggles even. They assume if they get married and are able to have intimacy with their wife, then their sexual struggles will go away. A married brother once told me that other brothers think that marriage solves all of their issues with the physical, yet it only amplifies and magnifies them. Remember that even though she’s a woman, she’s your sister in the Lord Jesus…

I look forward to meeting the man that the Lord has for me, and I pray that I will become a wife whose husband’s heart trusts in her, and who does him good all the days of her life (Proverbs 31:11-12).


2 thoughts on “Again…

  1. jenelle says:

    hey jenn,
    thanks for another encouraging and transparent post. i too want to adopt and have been wanting to since childhood. the things you speak about in this post are very introspective and enlightening considerations…ill be in prayer for you beloved.

  2. anmarie says:

    Your website is so encouraging and from one sister to another sister in Christ keep the faith. It is so hard without GOD but with Him all obstacles are taken care of as long as we as christians stand firm on Gods word and keep the faith. I’ve actually been strugging with infidelity and to read your post has really help me. As long as you obey the word he will bring you that special someone and that child that you bear to have.

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