Project #1 Completed!

One of my things that I decided to do was to create a project once a month. I printed out quite a few recipes from one of my favorite sites, Bake Decorate Celebrate, and wrote months on them so that I could plan my projects in advance. March’s project was creating candy clusters. The 1st batch I made was done with peanuts and yellow ‘drizzle’:


I was SO excited. Sunday morning, I took them all to church and every last one of them was eaten by my church family. I made another batch on Sunday night and took them to work and my coworkers LOVED them. It felt great. I got a great start to my project making. April’s project ? A cake! It will be either a white chocolate pound cake or a lemon daisy cake. I’ll be heading to A.C. Moore and Michael’s tomorrow to pick up supplies. When I shopped at those places last weekend, coupons printed out on my receipts. The one from Michael’s is for 50% off any regularly priced item and the one from A.C. Moore is for 20% off an entire purchase. I plan to get some more squeeze bottles (I accidentally caused one to melt in the microwave lol), candy melts, cake pans, and edible markers. I also need to go grocery shopping this weekend. My list is long. And although I am doing a project a month, you better believe I am learning to cook ‘normal’ things as well. I have recipes that detail the different ways to prepare poultry and fish (I don’t eat beef and pork) and other meal suggestions. I’m pretty amped about all of this. There are so many supplies I need and I can’t afford everything, but little by little, I am building up my ‘arsenal’!


One thought on “Project #1 Completed!

  1. Hey, that looks good enough to eat!

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