The Journey to Biblical Womanhood

A couple of weeks ago, I received a wonderful care package from a really good friend and sister in the Lord, Misha. The package contained Craisins, a quesadilla maker, a cookie sheet, a mixing bowl, measuring cups, lentil beans (with recipe!), towels, white chocolate truffles, a spatula, a pizza cutter, dried refried beans, and a book – Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes. What a way to inspire me to strive toward being a Godly woman and wife and mother to be! Ever since I received the package, I’ve been making quesadillas (lol) and I even purchased a food processor from Target, which excited me to no end. I was on the phone with one of my big brothers in the Lord when I was purchasing it, and he laughed at me. I am so looking forward to this journey.

So what does the journey include ? Cooking, baking, cleaning (and keeping things clean!), reading Scripture (this one will be for the rest of my life), reading books on Biblical womanhood, doing projects, purchasing baking and cooking supplies… Just basically trying to learn and absorb all I can in my single years. I don’t have the responsibility that a wife and mother has so I need to maximize my singleness. I am definitely excited about all of the things I am learning and taking in, observing, and APPLYING during this time.


2 thoughts on “The Journey to Biblical Womanhood

  1. jenelle says:

    wow….man MISHA is a cool friend. not because she was thoughtful enough to buy you a gift but because of the specific encouraging nature of it! that is so cool! and it has inspired me to be a better sister in Christ and think of similar ways to encourage 🙂

  2. christian ohonba says:

    God I can finally say I want to be a woman and allow God to work on my as a single person to be a good wife and mother some day and if not I will still praise his name

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