Young Hollywood

Everytime I look at People magazine’s website lately, it seems that many stars are entering rehab… young ones too. I just logged onto the site and see that Kirsten Dunst (25) has entered rehab. Recently, it’s been Lindsay Lohan (21), Amy Winehouse (24), Britney Spears (26), Eva Mendes (33)… it seems endless… And then you have the death of these actors Heath Ledger (28) and Brad Renfro (25)… Owen Wilson (39) attempted suicide last year… Man, it is truly sad, but the preacher in Eccesiastes calls it… Vanity of vanities. It seems as though it’s all happening at a higher rate than usual – the deaths / suicides and rehab entrances…

Lets keep young Hollywood lifted in prayer ? Only Jesus can truly define man’s life.

Grace and peace,


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