Beautiful Things

Last night, my housemate and I went to visit our friend, discipler, and sister in Christ. When we got to her front door, we saw her 9 year old daughter running towards the house with 2 other sisters in the Lord behind her. As she’s running up the walkway, yelling ‘Stop the presses!’ (or something to that effect), I asked her…

Me – Trin, what’s wrong ?
Her – I forgot my Bible!!!
Me – Wow

We were let inside the house, and I thought to myself, If we could be like Trin! I found out that she and the other 2 young ladies had been about to head out, but Trin couldn’t leave without her Bible… wow.

I love the wisdom and zeal that she and her 10 year old brother possess. Their knowledge of the Lord at such a young age is so beautiful! By the grace of God, their parents have done an awesome job at instilling proper reverence of the Lord in them. Young believers; I pray that they grow amazingly as each year passes.

Kudos to them!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Things

  1. Donna says:

    Agreed, I recall being at their aunt’s wedding shower and 10 year old brother saying wait are you about to leave I want to make something for you. I say ok I’ll stick around and thinking it would be like some little stick figure drawing or something, this had to be about 3 years ago and they’d pretty much kept themselves entertained in a corner drawing. He writes a little note of encouragement, scripture included. I was like as you said WOW!! And I can’t recall which scripture was used now but it wasn’t something you’d expect to have quoted to you by someone so young.

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Praise God for such “little” blessings!

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