This world…

Memo: Don’t use obscene check to pay parking ticket

“The F-word isn’t what it used to be,” attorney Keith Williams said. It doesn’t have a sexual connotation anymore and so can’t be considered obscene, he said.

Wow… what !? One, what kind of justification is that ? And two, when did it stop having a sexual connotation ?

This world…


4 thoughts on “This world…

  1. rafi says:

    Does it matter? You may rightly argue that it was an uncivilized and unnecessary thing to do, but why is it illegal to swear in the memo field of a check? That’s completely absurd. The only reason this was even made an issue is because these people wanted to get back at him for insulting them, and they had the ability to do so.

    What a truly stupid abuse of power.

  2. Pistol Pete says:

    Good questions.

    What often concerns me is how numb we become to the effects of such sin as verbal profanity. Like so much in the world, we adopt profane things and justify ourselves by making the claim of being “more relevant”.

  3. Art M. says:

    >>when did it stop having a sexual connotation ?

    LONG before the 21st Century came along, that’s for sure.

    It has LONG been an exclamation of frustration, among a LOT of other exclamations.

    But in the end, I’d have to say, get your mind out of the gutter. It goes a VERY long way that you only think the word has a sexual connotation. And before you start, I can already say this: METHINKS YOU DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH.

  4. Jenn says:

    Art – I edited your comment; I don’t allow links to things that d not glorify the Lord and things that would cause my brothers and sisters in Christ to stumble. My mind is far from ‘being in the gutter’ and never did I say it only has a sexual connotation. That is your spin on my entry, not mine. It’s a foul word, regardless of the connotation.

    Rafi – I doubt it was a matter of retaliation; what he did was indeed disrespectful and seemingly out of spite.

    Pete – I hear you… Many really abuse 1 Corinthians 9:22.

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