Cravings, Lust, and Boasting

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Hunched over his desk, penknife in hand, Thomas Jefferson sliced carefully at the pages of Holy Scripture, excising everything that did not fit his personal world view. Hell? It can’t be. The supernatural? Not even worth considering. God’s wrath against sin? I don’t think so….

Today, Jefferson’s handiwork is on display at his home in Monticello: a copy of the King James version of the New Testament, full of holes.

Christians rightly shudder at this brazen impudence, and thank God that we have been preserved from such monumental deception. And surely, no true Christian would be comfortable with the aggressively arrogant stance that Jefferson took toward Holy Scripture.

But check your pockets. Look in your purse. Almost certainly you’ll come across a penknife — a metaphorical one, perhaps, but good and sharp just the same…


One thought on “Cravings, Lust, and Boasting

  1. Born2Di says:


    This mug is so profound cuz for so many of us, instead of cutting out want we don’t want, we only cut out what we want and carry those Scriptures around as if they are more inspired than the rest.

    We call it “proof texting…” Not bad, in and of itself, but when all we do is use the Scripture as a means of defending or combatting certain beliefs then we truly lose so much of the worth and BEAUTY of the Holy Writ.

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