To the Christian

Then, said Good Will, Alas, poor man, is the celestial glory of so small esteem with him that he counteth it not worth running the hazards of a few difficulties to obtain it ?
– Good Will speaking to Christian concerning his neighbor Pliable

The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan


One thought on “To the Christian

  1. eddie says:

    My Favorite book next to the Word…There is actually a movie coming out about it; you can view the trailer here:

    But I enjoy the book sooooo much, that I actually prefer to not see it as a movie! I even enjoy reading it in the original old English/archai language. I got the jawn with the scripture references in the margins and it’s bangin. Word Pictures is comin out with a “Docudrama” about it tho, which I know for a fact will be off the hook. (

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