Happy Birthday to me :o)

Today, September 26th, is my 27th birthday. God’s been faithful, gracious, merciful, and extremely kind to me. This is my 1st birthday away from Dallas… my 1st birthday in Philly. I woke up a little sad this morning and I think it’s because I miss traditions that were done by my family when our birthdays come. A sis wants to take me to dinner today, but my throat and tonsils are irritated, so… I don’t know. This entry is all over the place, lol, but I just wanted to publically thank the Lord for allowing me to see yet another year.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me :o)


    So … you’re 27, eh? I seem to recall that was a good year.

    Carpe Deim and Soli Deo gloria, sis.

  2. eddie says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I praise the LORD 4 u.

  3. LaRosa says:

    happy birthday sis!


  4. Lionel Woods says:

    Happy Birthday Jenn!!!1

  5. Tim says:

    Happy birthday Jenn

  6. Jennifer Barrett says:

    I am soooooooo sorry! I am just now getting the email. Hope you had a wonderfully blessed day in the Lord!
    By the way, are you drawing s.s.now? 🙂

  7. Tyris Sr. says:

    Happy B-day, You have the same Birthday as my wife and my good from Stand up ministry in NY Tim Butler-God Bless

  8. kandie says:

    AACK! Jenn, don’t know if you remember me and GREG from Dallas, BUT…. I’m soooo sorry, I didn’t wish you a happy b-day. I see you moved to Philly and Pray for God’s continued Grace for you. I’ve read your testimony like 2 or 3 times over the past year and each time, it’s just amazing how God is using you. Anyway, HAPPY B-LATED B-DAY girl….

  9. kandie says:

    Oh yeah, FINALLY I paid off that car I was riding around. It’s officially my little hooptie, and I’ll drive her until she distentigrates on me. LOL Anyway, best wishes and continued prosperity in His Name… Pray for me Girl.. Pray for me!

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