God has been faithful, He will be again…

It is August 1st and a lot has changed since my last blog entry. I am now living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After much prayer, fasting, and counsel from 5 brothers and sisters in the Faith, I made the decision. I was blessed with a 1 way ticket to Philly for the day of July 21st. My plane left Dallas around 9a and landed in Philly a few hours later. I am fortunate to be here although it is not as easy a transition as I thought it’d be. I am not complaining (atleast NOW I’m not); it’s just slightly difficult. I came with 2 suitcases and a duffle bag… clothes, personal items, CDs, books, study materials (paper, pens, highlighters, etc.), and a few other things. My car is still in Dallas, along with the majority of my things. I’d like to fly back soon, load up my car with my computer, books, clothes, shoes, and such, and take the 24 hour drive to Philly. I have 2 brothers in Christ that volunteered to fly down to Dallas from Baltimore and drive my car back. That’s a blessing. I pray that they are able to do it. I definitely need my car here. SEPTA is cool and all, but there are some areas in which I do not feel comfortable walking by myself. So… I’m really praying that they will be able to do it because I don’t have the $700 to do that right now. So, yea… a sis is definitely praying about that, that it may all come together by His grace.

Since I have been here, I’ve been through a lot of self examination – motives, thoughts, actions, words, deeds, you name it. I’ve been convicted of habits and thought patterns daily. I have seen myself in this mirror of sorts and the reflection is quite ugly. I have so many things that need to be worked on that I never thought were there. Areas that I thought were strong are actually pretty feeble. My passion is not as strong as I thought it to be, along with various other things. Self examination is PAINFUL, yet sweet. For the first time in my life, my pastor knows who I am. I am at a church where I am excited to serve… literally can’t wait! I miss Dallas SO much… I miss my family, but this whole move and process is definitely maturing me as a believer in Christ Jesus and as a person.

I’m surrounded by Godly sisters such as Jenny, Tiff, and Jalaylia… Godly brothers such as Mac, Shai, and Jordan. It’s a blessing. In the week that I have been here, I have received sound advice from them all, whether by their word or by their action.

I am just really thankful to be here. I miss my family like crazy. I don’t have all of my things. I don’t have my car. I am in a new city and am learning my way around very slowly. I am learning much about myself. I am very far away from home… yet in all of these things, by the grace of God, I am determined to push through… and as I sit here with Sara Groves’ beautiful song, “He’s Always Been Faithful”, on repeat, I desire to just place everything in Him… This is most definitely a time when I lean on my Dad and trust Him through it all. He is the source of my encouragement and joy and is most definitely sovereign. I pray that He will help me remember and meditate on the Truths that I know about Him as I push through this time in my life.

I can’t remember a trial or a pain
He did not recycle to bring me gain
I can’t remember one single regret
Iin serving God only and trusting His hand…

When it comes to the Father, man, I am SO needy… like a little kid. I need Abba to make everything right according to His Will. As I said earlier, this whole time has been bittersweet, but I believe that I am right where He wants me… physical location and in this state of dependence. The Scripture rings true!

… for apart from me you can do nothing
John 15:5 ESV

I pray that He will help me learn the city, provide a way for me to have my car and computer and the rest of my things, and that He would give me a CONTINUALLY willing heart and mind to serve as much as possible at my new church home – Epiphany.

Philly is most definitely a mission field. The need for a church plant like Epiphany is great. I plan to get involved with the street evangelism team so that I can, like Everyday Process urges, make it my business to give them the Gospel.

Grace and peace.

P.S. Would you labor with Epiphany in prayer ? Check out the August prayer committment and requests here.


7 thoughts on “God has been faithful, He will be again…

  1. thankfull says:

    Praise the Lord Jennifer. I will keep you in prayer!

  2. briquelle says:

    you are in my prayers jen. god bless you and keep you. hebrews 12:1-17. God is faithful. :0)

  3. Czarina says:

    Hey Jenn! You are taking the move quite well (for anybody) especially since this is your first major move. I know you will flourish in a fellowship-rich environment and pray that Philly becomes your second home.

    Much love sis.


  4. Asia says:

    Hey Jenn, I am really happy for you onyour move. I was wondering what church you went to but you said it already. Again I really happy for you and will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you

  5. Donna says:

    I’m of absolutely no help in the car dept at the mo, but if you ever need some assitance in checking out the city via SEPTA, I’m your girl!!

    Will be praying for you concerning the transition also, missed fam I’d assume different ways of life in Dalas compared to Philly and all of that. That ultimately there is joy in doing His will for your life during this time, and as you catch those buses and wait out the opportunity to get your car, that He’ll protect you while traveling the SEPTA route or provide a mode of trans in the meantime, until your car is here.

    I’m so hype about the work going down thru Epiphany, not in a sense of elevating that particular church but recognizing the call and how great it is (period but the area, city etc) and the fact that people are continuously being added on to get er done basically. So it’s a blessing and will continually be praying for u all.

  6. kandie says:

    GIRL you did it, YOU MOVED from Big D to Philly. You’re following what you feel God is leading you to do. Moving to a state where you have no fam and by yourself. Girl I know can be SCARY but if you feel this is God’s commission in your life, be strong, be encouraged and be like the tree planted by the water. WE didn’t get time to truly know each other while you were here, and you went through a purification process that pulled you away so that you could focus on God and his direction in your life. I wish we could’ve learned more about each other but we we’ll cross paths again one day.

    Know that any time you want to talk feel free to drop me a line. I check your blogs regularly as it’s the ONLY way I’m able to keep up with how you’re doing. I just pray for you sistah girl. And now that HE will work a great thing in you!


    Single Woman’s Prayer blog

  7. Hey sis, I’ll be sure to keep you in prayer. I too have made the move from an area of familarity(MD and Philly) to a place that God’s tugged at my heart about for a long time (Charlotte, NC); while the beginnings have been rough, the time that I’ve been given to examine myself, and see things slowly – because of finances – makes me appreciate all the more those in our history who walked with God and we taken care of for doing so.

    Do your best to keep building with various people, and stay atune and aware to everything around you. Philly is such that little things have a way of coming back around you (in a good way).

    Many blessings, and may the Spirit of God continue to keep you comforted and at peace in this time of you resting and relying in Him more than ever.

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