1 + 1 + 1… +1

The other night I was thinking about how many of us, when faced with a long task, thing about the total time. What I mean by that is — For instance, some look at the Bible and think, Wow 66 books ? That’s a LOT of books, and almost every book has a lot of chapters. It is intimidating, especially with books such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Genesis. We look at the task and think that it will take SO long to do it, and that alone leaves us in shambles. Next thing you know, there’s little to no reading of God’s Word because it’s such a huge book.

There was a time when I’d look at the Bible and think that I would NEVER get through the whole thing. I still haven’t, but my mindset has shifted. When I was laying in bed, I thought about my supplements that I take. I take a multivitamin and Omega 3 capsules. The multivitamins have 50 in the bottle and the Omega 3s have 60 in the bottle. You take 1 of the multivitamins per day and 2 of the Omega 3s per day. Now, when the bottles start off, they’re full, and sometimes we think about how long it will take for us to be done with that bottle. Each day passes and you take 1. It doesn’t seem like much because you’re only taking 1 or 2 a day, but surely enough, the supply diminishes. By taking 1 at a time, eventually, those ‘1s’ add up and soon, those 50 will be gone. After 30 days, those 60 will be gone. And I think this is how we should look at our Bible intake.

1 does not seem like a lot at all. Sometimes, when I think of reading 1 chapter a day, I think to myself that I will NEVER be done. But if you take it 1 at a time, eventually you’ll be finished. And those 1s will add up 3 months later when you’ve almost finished Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Genesis. :o)


One thought on “1 + 1 + 1… +1

  1. Hey there, I just recently subscribed to your blog and I must say I am really enjoying your messages. This message especially hits home; the amount of times I look at my Bible and think “When will I ever finish that?!!!”, it can be discouraging. I am going to try and take this new mindset on board (the Bible does say renew your mind, LOL) and see whether it’ll encourage me a bit more. Thanks!!!

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