Give Him Glory


PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) — Two sets of sextuplets were born in different states less than a day apart, a rare occurrence but one that fertility experts say could become increasingly common as more couples seek artificial methods of conceiving babies.

Brianna Morrison, 24, who used fertility drugs, gave birth just before midnight Sunday in Minneapolis, Minnesota. About 10 hours later, Jenny Masche, 32, who used artificial insemination, gave birth Monday in Phoenix by Caesarean section, the first successful sextuplet delivery in Arizona.

Upon learning Brianna Morrison was carrying sextuplets, doctors advised the couple to opt for selective reduction, in which women carrying multiple fetuses reduce the number of viable fetuses to two.

“However, we knew right away that this is not an option for us,” the couple wrote. “We understand that the risk is high, but we also understand that these little ones are much more than six fetuses.

“Each one of them is a miracle given to us by God.”

In Arizona, Jenny Masche used artificial insemination and medication to stimulate her ovulation cycle, Leonard said. Their children are named Bailey Elizabeth, Savannah Jane, Molli Grace, Cole Robert, Blake Nickolas and Grant William.

Father Bryan Masche, 29, said in an interview last week that the couple were terrified when they learned in December they were going to have six babies.

“We’re blessed and excited,” he said. “I keep coming back to the Bible verse that says, ‘God will never leave or forsake us.”‘


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