Appointed unto every man…

Almost a month apart are my grandmother and uncle’s deaths. After months of being very sick, and weeks of being extremely ill, my grandmother has passed. She was a wonderful woman, very sweet and kind. She lived a full 87 years. I believe she knew the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so glad that my mother asked me to stay with and help my grandmother for a week. I am thankful the Lord allowed me to say yes. Honestly, I’d be extremely upset with myself if I had said no. The Lord is sovereign, seeing this would happen and allowing me to spend time with my grandmother while she was still able to get around. I even got to take her to a doctor’s appointment! That was special to me because I got to ‘be an adult’ and drive her to town and help her take care of business. I love my grandma and pray that I will see her again someday. I am grateful that she is no longer in pain, no longer has to deal with the pains and ills of these earthen vessels…


4 thoughts on “Appointed unto every man…

  1. B. Morr says:

    Your faithfulness and allegiance to your family is not in vain at all. I commend you for being an “adult” and going to spend the week with your grandmother before she passed. You’re right. You WOULD be upset had you not. And you and I know that you could have pursued other things that would essentially please yourself. But God would have it that you would value ministering to your grandmother in her final hours as opposed to fulfilling your own personal, fleshly desires of simply wanting to do something that YOU wanted to do. Praise be to God, my sister. I’m here for you.

    B. Morr

  2. Jason Im Saved says:

    Jenn, I just got your text. My prayers and support is with you and your family. Im sorry for your loss. Take comfort in know that the almighty God who knew you before the world began has you and your family in His grip.

    Much love to you,


  3. faith215 says:

    Praying for you and your fam during this time, and I praise God for how He alloted that time for you to spend with her. That’s awesome to be able to have that memory of her and not one of man if only I would have went to visit that one last time, just another example of how He’s in control of all things and the blessing of being obedient.

  4. Czarina says:

    Hey Jenn,

    Im just now getting around to visiting your site in about a week. Im sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. I pay that your family can cope with the loss of two family members passing so close together. Im comforted to know that you believe you will see her again as that can bring comfort to others in your fam as well as help be a tool for showing them the Lord.

    Praise God for allowing you to have a week with her while she was in her right mind. May you remember the good memories of her ’til you see her again.


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