If anyone is to ever be kept out of Heaven for my sins, it will have to be Jesus, for He took them all upon Himself and made Himself responsible for them. But He is in Heaven already, never to be turned out, so now I know that I am secure.
H. A. Ironside

Whenever I feel that I have sinned and desire to overcome that sin for the future, the devil at the same time comes to me and whispers, “How can you be a pardoned person and accepted with God while you still sin in this way?” If I listen to this I drop into despondency, and if I continued in that state I should fall into despair, and should commit sin more frequently than before; but God’s grace comes in and says to my soul, “Thou has stinned; but did not Christ come to save sinners? Thou art not saved because thou art righteous, for Christ died for the ungodly.” And my faith says, “Thought I have sinned, I have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and though I am guilty, yet by grace I am saved and I am a child of God still.” And what then ? Why the tears begin to flow and I say, “How could I ever sin against my God who has been so good to me ? Now I will overcome that sin,” and I get strong fight with sin through the conviction that I am God’s child.
Charles H. Spurgeon

Eliminate a major sin in your life and the rest will follow. When the general is killed, the troops scatter.
John MacArthur

All of these were taken from a book by John MacArthur – “Saved Without A Doubt”. This comes from the section – Dealing with Doubt – and while reading this book, I thought it may give someone hope, assurance, and set them free from their own imprisonment.

Many times, Christians sin. We know this. We do the very things we hate to do and shouldn’t do, but cannot explain WHY we do them. Frustrating, isn’t it ? You will and desire to do better, but sometimes you feel so powerless because of the restrictions of this flesh. I find my own self getting mad when people don’t drive like they should, getting impatient when I shouldn’t, and more. I hate these things about myself, and know they shouldn’t be, and I resolve to do better. Yet when those things rear their heads again, I’m distraught and angry with Jenn. When feeling that way, it’s easy to think – Am I REALLY saved ? Do I REALLY love God ? Because if I was and if I did, I shouldn’t be acting like this!!! Knowing this, I decided to put blog these excerpts / quotes in this entry because I know what it’s like, and I know I’m not the only one.

What a great Savior we have in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy One, the Son of God, the Redeemer of His people.

Grace and peace.


2 thoughts on “Saved

  1. Rikki says:

    Thanks for this, Jen. 🙂

  2. briquelle says:

    wow that just what i have been dealin with as of late. mad guilt and doubt. but im focused on Christ. i really needed that breakdown. “saved without a doubt” i might need to read that, as i dig into His word to get this mind renewed. God bless you.

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