Pocket Testament League

When you’re out witnessing, it would be cool to be able to give them all a Bible, but that can get kind of expensive. There’s a site called the Pocket Testament League that I’m a member of. You can order 30 gospels of John per month for free… Yes, FREE. They have various kinds of covers and different translations – ESV, NIV, NLT, KJV, and also some in Chinese and Spanish.

So… you can order 30 a month. You don’t have to pay for shipping or the gospels… it’s all free. BUT since it’s such an awesome service, I encourage everyone to try and donate when you can. I’ve left mine places – the car repair place, in the bank drivethrough… Some good material to use and it’s free so we really have no excuse. To sign up, just click the banner.

Grace and Peace.


4 thoughts on “Pocket Testament League

  1. Too cool!

    What’s your member number that we might reference you when we sign up, which I intend to do.

    “We use a referral system to link new members to those who referred them, so that friends can be linked. If you have a Gospel with a sticker on the back page, or a friend’s member ID, enter it below as the Referral Number. This is not required to become a member.”

  2. Jenn says:

    Hey Gunny :o) My member ID # is 237256. But the banner also has my referral code in it so that we can stay connected and stuff :o)

  3. Gotcha down!

    You’re officially my sponsor. ; – )

  4. Anna says:

    That is awesome! I may have to do that. 🙂

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