Guidance and Peace

Yesterday, I got some great news. I will be officially accepted into the school that I applied to in Philly. Not PBU, but it’s more along the lines of what I want to do – urban missions, ministry, and counseling. I was told by email so I have yet to receive my official acceptance letter… which I will probably frame, lol. So, this means that I will be an official Philly resident this year. I want to head up in August after my mother’s birthday. The semester starts at the end of August so that gives me a few weeks to get situated. I’m really REALLY excited though. I was extremely geeked when I saw the admissions coordinator’s email in my inbox. I must say that I am a little nervous. Philly is a lot different than the slowness of Texas. I say that it’s slow because, in some areas, like transit, Philly has my area beat. I wonder if I REALLY need my car up there. I may as well take it… I’ll be paying the monthly carnote either way.

Before I move, I would like to have $1500 put aside. Truth be told, right now I have bills due (carnote, insurance, cell) that I don’t have the money to pay. Add to that my hosting bill, gas, food… I’m in a situation where I’m seriously looking to the Lord to provide. I’ve been applying for jobs since February and nothing. I applied for some more about an hour or so ago, praying the Lord will move someone’s heart to call me and hire me. I really don’t know where my next money’s coming from, but I know He won’t leave me stuck out. SOMETHING will happen.

In the news lately, there’s been coverage of a missing girl – Madeleine McCann. She’s a gorgeous, wide-eyed little girl. Her parents, U.K. citizens, were on vacation with their other 2 children in Portugal. On the night of May 3rd, the parents were dining and left the children in the villa that they were staying in. That was NOT the most responsible thing to do in a foreign place, but that is neither here nor there at this moment. This beautiful baby is missing. She was taken from the villa while her siblings were left behind.


I’ve been praying and pleading with God that she may be found, that He’d give wisdom to the people searching for her and that He’d grace the parents with peace and comfort. On Monday night, I checked out CNN’s site and saw a headline stating – Search for girl focuses on Portugal villa. It sounds like the police may have information from the article. I pray they do and I pray that the little girl is safe. An article at Australia’s Herald Sun states:

The couple, who have visibly lost weight since their daughter disappeared on May 3, appeared close to breaking down.
She vanished from an upmarket beach resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve. Her parents, both doctors, had left her alone in a villa with the patio doors unlocked as they dined at a nearby restaurant.

I pray that they know something very soon.


3 thoughts on “Guidance and Peace

  1. Ha HA…..Looks like someone will be in Philly before this time next year….=) Not only that but also schooling too! Huh…..God, at nothing for Him to kill two birds withone stone huh……LoL And I will keep the little girl and her family mentioned in my prayers…K! Peace sis!

  2. Vikki says:

    Praying that your time of learning would work for God’s glory and your good!!

  3. Ndidi says:

    I will be praying, sis. Love you.

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