My Uncle

When I walked into my parents’ house this evening, my mother gave me some bad news. My uncle died this evening. I remember when my brothers and I were younger and we’d go to my grandmother’s house in Louisiana and he’d ask me if I’d been good. Of course I’d say yes, and he’d give me money. He always would refer to me as ‘Niece’, lol. He’d always be smiling around me. I think the last time I saw him was last year. Strangely enough, he was watching my grandmother, the one I just came from watching, when my aunt took him to the hospital because, as my cousin said, he was ‘acting funny’. He had a bad heart, diabetes, and we also found out he had pneumonia. His daughter worked at the hospital where he died. She was at work and she heard them call for a ‘code blue’ on the floor that he was on. She rushed up there and he was dead.

So, to anyone who may read this thing, please pray for my family in whatever way you feel led to. I don’t know that my uncle was saved. I can say that my mother isn’t. So, I just ask that you guys would also pray for her heart to be softened and that she would be turned to repentance and that she would place her life and trust in Jesus Christ as her Savior – my mother, father, and my 2 brothers.

Grace and Peace.


3 thoughts on “My Uncle

  1. Anna says:

    I’m truly sorry about the loss of your uncle. I pray that you will know God’s blessings and peace during your time.

    I came to your blog by doing a search on “Biblical Womanhood” in Technorati, because that’s an interest of mine, and I’m adding it to my blogroll. I just wanted to let you know. 🙂

  2. Hey cuzin, haven’t been on in a while! SOrry about the lost of your uncle and I’ll keep your fam in my prayers that God’ll soften their heart!

  3. Lionel Woods says:

    I will pray for your family as you all grieve your loss. Sorry to hear that. I hope one day to lead my family members to the Lord, most of them (90%) are lost.

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