World View 2


The producers and investigators arrive across from what looks like a local café, but it’s really a brothel. The owner is a woman who goes by the name Madam Lang. She’s eager to do business. She leads the group through the café and up a back staircase to meet some girls for hire. And when she says they’re girls, she means it literally: young girls, younger than we even imagined. And as an extra attraction, she says they’re still virgins.

Many sex tourists come to Cambodia for exactly that reason, and they’re willing to pay a premium. Madam Lang tells us her virgins go for $600, and for that price she says we can take a girl back to the hotel and keep her there for up to three days. When she brings out the girl, the 15-year-old looks paralyzed with fear.

Girls, some so young they could be in kindergarten, are all for sale. Throughout the village, we see the same scene at one brothel after another. Everyone here seems to know a little English. When they talk about sex, they use simple child-like terms anyone can understand. “Yum-yum” means oral sex. “Boom-boom” means intercourse.

Please, fellow Christians, do SOMETHING. Pray, get involved, SOMETHING. Please stop turning a blind eye to this. It happens everyday, and though it is something HORRIBLE that we do not want to think about, it happens. It happens whether we try to look past it or not. There are little 5 and 6 year old girls who have contracted AIDS from a grown man that they have been forced to have sex with. They’re made to think it’s normal and it’s okay. It is disgusting and inhumane. Please, brothers and sisters, do something.


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