I like music. Songs like ‘Fool For You’ by Miles Jaye (1987), ‘Call Me’ by Aretha Franklin (1971), and a few others stay in my old school music repertoire. The music of today ? Well, it is absolutely disgusting. When I log onto ITunes and look at the top 10 downloads, it amazes me at what’s popular, what’s in demand. You have ‘Buy U A Drank’ (I’m a buy you a drank then take you home with me), ‘Girlfriend’ (I don’t like your girlfriend / I think you need a new one / I could be your girlfriend… You’re so addictive / Don’t you know what I can do to make you feel alright), and ‘Pop Lock and Drop It’ (I ain’t gotta be your man / But I really wouldn’t mind / We ain’t got to talk again i’m jus tryna have a time). Nothing about these songs is uplifting or positive. I remember when I was still working for Chase, I was on the elevator one morning headed to our floor. They were showing some of the top songs then, and one was ‘Smack That’. I’m amazed at what people love these days. The more vulgar it is, the more popular it is. The more it coerces people to sin, the more popular it is. One of the artists who sings one of the songs named above was recently in a situation in Trinidad where he simulated sex acts (that looked like rape) with an underage girl. Atleast someone realized it was wrong, and he lost his deal with Verizon Wireless. It’s boosted his popularity though, and that’s sad. And his song ‘Smack That’ ? Well…

Grammy Awards Nomination
2007 – Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Smack That”

MTV Australia Video Music Awards Nominations
2007 – Best Male Artist for “Smack That”
2007 – Best Hip-Hop Video for “Smack That”
2007 – Best Hook-Up for “Smack That”

In a song whose lyrics include blatant references to sexual acts with no respect to the woman, it’s worthy of an award ? And what’s even more heartbreaking is this — My mother is a teacher, and she was teaching her students something a couple of weeks ago, and used Justin Timberlake’s name. This group of elementary students had no idea who he was, but when she mentioned the artist who sings the above song, Smack That, they knew who he was, and even gushed about how much they LOVED dude. What parent would let their elemetary school age child listen to that artist ?! With ‘Smack That’ not being the worst of his songs, why would you let your child listen to it ? And children are impressionable. Children are like sponges. Half of them don’t know what they are referring to, but it shapes them because it helps develop their views of sacred things such as sex, race, and relationships. Hmm… Maranatha.


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