This World, My World

Thank You, Lord, that spiders do not fly! Yes! It is day 5 in the country and I have seen more spiders than I see on a regular basis back home in Texas. I have seen some huge spiders here that make me want to run for my life. I have to keep in mind that these are still God’s creation. Yesterday, I got some Raid spray for spiders and sprayed around my bed and in the window of my room where they were. Sunday night, I saw 2 – a smaller one and one the size of a quarter. I am a city girl to heart.

During the day, my grandmother watches a LOT of television, especially soap operas. I sat in the living room with her yesterday and wow, soap operas are daytime pornography. I can’t even remember how many times I had to turn my head to avoid seeing people make out or even have sex. And lets guess how many of those were married. Zero. America is being so desensitized through the media. The onslaught of fornication, violence, profanity… and it’s all made to seem normal. There was a commercial I saw with 2 women discussing how one was a planner and one was not. One said she took 2 years to plan her wedding while the other took 2 days. Then, they laughed about how they both got divorced. As I said, America is becoming desensitized. It’s all made to seem so normal. Sex with a man because of a sudden urge ? Go ahead! Indulge! Just got married, but you think your wife’s sister is hot ? Why not pursue her ? While this may seem all very farfetched, it’s becoming the norm in actual life. It is no thing to be married 5 or 6 times by the time you’re 60. It’s no big thing to have 6 different kids by 6 different men by the time you’re 25. It is no issue to marry, divorce 3 months later, and remarry all in a year’s time. I am scared to see what will be on television in 2 years. This is why my children will never watch television. With shows like Divorce Court and Maury Povich trying to find out the father of the baby, television is going downhill fast… or it already has rather. It’s just getting further and further into the pit.

I have got a little bit to do today. My time will be filled up. Today, I am washing clothes and sheets, taking my grandmother to a doctor’s appointment, and doing some reading. While here, I decided to challenge myself and be a vegetarian for a month starting May 6th. I have a couple of friends who are vegetarians, and I’ve been wondering lately – Is that something I could do ? While I’m not a pork or beef person, I do love chicken and fish. I don’t do dairy, I LOVE soy milk and boca burgers, and ice cream made from rice. I do know it is much more to it than that, but I want to try it. It’s definitely healthier. Who knows – I may decide to keep it up. I have been thinking more and more about my health and diet lately. Fast foods are so convenient, but you pay the price later. I only have one body, so while I am here on this earth, I need to take proper care of it.

It’s almost 10a this Tuesday morning so I should probably get started on my tasks. I can hear the sound of nature – bumblebees, frogs, birds, puppies, wind, and roosters. And may I add – Roosters do NOT only crow when the sun comes up! Oh my gosh… They crow whenever! 4:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the afternoon, 9:00 at night. They don’t care; they crow when they feel like it. Talk about breaking the stereotype!


2 thoughts on “This World, My World

  1. Rachel says:

    ???VEGAN??? No more breakfast burritos???

    Huh, what? huh? huh? huh? what? what??? 😉

  2. Joseph Delacruz says:

    I was a vegetarian for 6 months. It was for reasons of guilt and an attempt at penance though. So, it wasn’t for good reasons. I don’t believe I was converted back then. It was during the time my dad was witnessing to me.

    But anyway, why not? Go for it Jennifer. It might not be too hard. It probably is healthier.

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