Moving and Going

Wow, talk about a feeling of accomplishment. I just finished moving files and setting up my blog on my new host – Hostrocket. I was with Peoplehost, but the final straw was the ridiculous downtime I had a couple of days ago. And let me say how God’s provision works when you aren’t even THINKING about stuff. I received a donation of $45 for the site. Well, the next day, my site was down for atleast 2 hours, so with that $45 donation, I was able to move to a better host. I’ve had experience w/Hostrocket before, but left them because Peoplehost was $5 cheaper. I guess the saying is true – You do get what you pay for. I will not make that mistake again. It ended up costing exactly $42.90 to move my site to Hostrocket. $29.95 for the setup fee and $12.95 for the monthly charge. God knew exactly what I needed and I thank Him that through Agatha, I can continue to use this site as a platform for His glory.

In about 8 hours, I will be on the road to Louisiana. I just came from Walmart a few minutes ago, getting water, snacks, and a few other things. While I was there, there were these 2 young women in front of me. One of them turned around, saw me coming, and moved right in front of me. She started to walk slowly, and there was no way around her, so… I said, “Excuse me”. She seemed as though she didn’t hear me, so I repeated myself a little louder. On the 3rd time, she finally moved out of my way, and then said something derogatory to her friend about me. I didn’t care, and honestly, I actually got irritated, but the problem that I was presented with was this — In a situation like that, how do I share the Gospel ? I could tell they were lost souls; I used to do the same kind of thing before I was saved because I thought it showed how tough I was. I thought I looked cool, when in fact, I looked ignorant and dumb. I felt sorrow for those 2 young women. They ended up being in the line at the register right behind me, spouting profanity, while one of them kept repeating that she needed anger management. My initial response was irritation, but immediately after that, I thought – Wow, that used to be me! I wanted to reach out, to share Christ, but after the little issue earlier in the aisle, and their behavior, I didn’t know that she’d be receptive. Man, I really have to work on my witnessing and evangelism muscles.

I keep thinking about the East coast a lot. So much is there. As cliche as it sounds, I feel like a bit of my heart is there. It feels like a 2nd home. My brothers and sisters are there, and they’re so much closer than blood relatives. We share the same bond of Christ. Ah, I will be praying quite much when I go to Louisiana for this next week or so. Out in the woods, no internet… I packed my Bible, commentary, OT survey book, and various reading materials. I have my binder, notebook paper, pens, highlighters, and whiteout. It will be Jenn and the Lord. I pray my time is fruitful and that I don’t waste it.

Day by day, I’m learning how crazy this world is. There are sports writers who are commended for having the courage to come out of the closet and say they are transsexual. There are teenage boys in high school dressing like women – fake breasts, wig, makeup, and women’s clothes complete with tight jeans. There’s the equality forum being hosted in Philly in a few days. Romans 1, Romans 1, Romans 1. Come quickly, Lord. I can’t imagine how much worse it can be, but I know that it will be.

I have found myself praying for my husband in the past few months. Not praying for a husband, but praying for MY husband. I have to clarify. I’m not being courted and am as single as a piece of colby jack, lol, but I have been praying for the man. I have no clue who he is, but I’ve been praying for him. I look forward to meeting him. Marriage is a scary thing. Relationships, period, are scary. I’ve expressed to one of my married brothers in Christ that I’ve never been in a Godly relationship and I am soooo scared to mess something up once I do get in one. He said that’s a beautiful thing because, in that, you fully acknowledge your dependence on the Lord to guide you. I praise God for the Godly men I am surrounded by. My brothers in the Faith exemplify what it means to be a true man of God. With the ones who are married, I see how they treat their wives, how they love their children, how they serve their families. With those who are courting and engaged, I see their carefulness, their caution, their desire to point their ladies to Christ. With those who are single, I see how they make the most of it, how they don’t just jump into relationships, how they follow hard after Christ. I am so blessed by these men! I look forward to being married to that Godly man some day. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to pray for his strength, encouragement, passion / love / desire for God and His Word, and for his protection.

I guess I should shut it down now. I have a 4 hour drive ahead of me. To not get adequate rest beforehand would be unwise.

Soli Deo Gloria.


4 thoughts on “Moving and Going

  1. Andrea says:

    Hey Jenn,
    I’m really feeling ya on this blog about marriage and stuff. In a way sometimes I feel like I should just ask the Lord to give me the gift of celibacy. But that’s not really my hearts desire (Ps 37:4). Especially because like you I have several Christian brothers who truely rep Jesus in their lifestyle. And I see how good it can be. So be encouraged…and that’s for me too. Anyhow, all the best on your journey.
    Nuff Blessings,

  2. Czarina says:

    Single as a piece of colby jack? WOW!

    Have a blessed time reflecting on the Lord and be safe 🙂


    Keep it fervent 😀

  4. Redeemed says:

    Praying for MY wife before I met her is the means the LORD used to draw me to her. My journey to meet her required me to take an Abraham approach and leave my former church (due to some doctrinal issues) and join a new church. Over the 7 years that I’ve been @ my new assembly (Believers’ Chapel) I grown in leaps and bounds. I’ve gone from single servant of God who once preached/taught sparingly to husband & father of 3 preaching/teaching in a regular rotation.

    I will join you in throne room of grace and pray for your husband as well.

    Grace & Peace little Sister


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