East Coast Trip

I must say, lol… I should really stop and think about stuff before I say it. When I typed that East Coasting post, I was so sure I was staying in Texas. Now ? Not so sure. I just need a lot of time to think and pray, seeking God on it. I’d love to be around my family there like I was. I can tell the difference in myself alone. The effect that constant Christian community has on the believer is not to be discounted. Fellowship is really important. It was a shock to the system to come back to Texas. I miss my family on the East Coast. I’m really praying about that phase of my life.

My trip was so much fun. I loved it! I spent time in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. One thing I find so cool about Philly is that it is not that far from Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. You can drive 2 hours and be in Maryland. In Texas, you can drive 2 hours and still be in Texas, lol. You can drive SIX hours and still be in Texas!

When I left for Philly on the morning of the 14th, it was the day after a pretty brutal storm. Our flight was delayed and we switched gates 3 times because the airplane we were supposed to be flying on had hail damage. Once I got on the plane and knew we were about to take off, I had a bundle of nervous excitement in my stomach. I had an unexplainable peace as well. I don’t like flying, but I prayed and knew I had my brothers and sisters in the Faith’s prayers as well.

When I arrived at Philly Int’l, Kim was there to pick me up. I rode around with her as she ran errands. It felt surreal that I was actually there!

If I were to type up everything I felt about the release parties (B. Morr and Everyday Process), I’d probably end up writing a book! The release parties were most definitely God glorifying! The performances were on point and it was beautiful being surrounded by so many brothers and sisters in Christ. It truly was beautiful in the very essence of the word. I had a chance to attend services at Epiphany Fellowship the 1st Sunday I was there where Duce preached a convicting sermon entitled ‘Treasure or Trash’.

My heart and life were blessed because of those days spent among the brethren and sistren. It encouraged, blessed, edified, motivated, and just over all made me love the Lord even more because He is responsible for those people being like that. They’re actually family… not just friends, but truly sisters and brothers with a common bond of Jesus Christ. Only the Lord could do something as dynamic as that in people from various backgrounds, races, and locations!

I wasn’t really homesick at all. I was pretty sad when I left Philly to head home. I almost DID cry. Going from constant Godly fellowship like that to unsaved family can be depressing, and it was. My whole countenance changed when I got back to Texas. I hated that, and prayed about it, but knew that should not be the case. So… I will be praying about moving to Philly. If the Lord agrees on that, I’d like to make it happen this summer. I applied for a job that I hope I will get so that I can start saving money for the move.

I pray the Lord would make His Will concerning me moving quite obvious. I don’t want to be outside of His Will, and I know if He says no to Philadelphia, then I will have to obey Him. I’m hoping He says yes though, lol.

Grace and Peace.


5 thoughts on “East Coast Trip

  1. Donna says:

    I’ll mos def be praying for u, the fellowship is a blessing here in Philly but also the need here is also great, so I pray that if it’s His will for u to move here that He’ll make it happen and direct u to what He’d have u to do.

    Kewl meeting u @ the EP release too:-)

  2. Joseph Delacruz says:

    Likewise here. I’ll be praying for you. You know that my situation is very similar. I pray that the Lord will make it obvious. Pray for me, too. Be encouraged in our God!

  3. And here I was hoping to say whassup (live) to a sis, but I caught a few nice projects that kept me away from Philly town. Nevertheless, glad to hear you’ve had a blessed time and that moving there is something you’d consider. I’m Philly native and keep my connections there, and it never is a feeling of missin home when I am there, so I can understand that on your end as well.

    But then again, I live in MD, and 2hrs really ain’t much of a drive (6hrs and still stay in TX, woah).

    I’ll be keepin you in prayer sis, many blessings on all you do this summer.

  4. Rachel says:

    🙂 I’m up-to-date now, lol

  5. Redeemed says:

    Hey Sis

    I was SO excited to finally meet you. Hanging out @ Borders and shooting the breeze was like an answer to prayer. It was like meeting in person a sister you’ve been separated from for YEARS. When you express your heavy heartedness, my heart is heavy with you. When you say you’re overwhelmed and lonely, I make every effort to go before our Blessed Heavenly Father on your behalf. Be encouraged the LORD will provide you with the direction you seek.

    Grace & Peace little Sister


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