The Atheist Delusion

It’s almost 5a and I’m up and sipping iced tea. I packed two bags a little bit ago. Now all that is left is packing my shoes and packing my carry-on bag. My suitcase is filled with my clothes and the other packed bag is filled with personal items such as lotions, deodorant, makeup, face wash, toothbrush, etc. I’ll probably pack my shoes sometime Friday night along with my carry-on bag. All I need is a spiral, some pens, liquid paper, my Bible, CDs, my mp3 and CD players, and I am good to go.

Yesterday, I was browsing a cosmetics message board that I am a member of. I don’t go there often because honestly, it’s not that interesting to me anymore. At one time, it was… but due to various conversations and things (i.e. men wearing makeup, posting pics, and being told how ‘fierce’ they look), I decided it may not be suitable for me to spend much time there. While I was on the board yesterday, I saw a thread about Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” being Reader’s Digest’s book of the year. Many on that thread were praising it and of course, they were atheists. One of the comments that stood out to me was:

I’ve wanted to read one of his books for a while now, I saw a talk he gave at a divinity college somewhere in the States, it was fascinating hearing him defend his statements. He really is brilliant…
I also do not believe in God.

Of course, seeing so many people praise this man led me to post the following:

It always amazes me when people do not believe that there is a God. That is so… wow… that’s like me going outside and saying – There is no air, there are no trees… There are no humans! Actually, there is no such thing as an atheist. It is so much easier to live to your own liking than to submit to God’s standards. But either way, come Judgement Day, it will be too late to believe.

Even before I was a Christian, I knew that God HAS to exist. To think that there is no God is quite foolish. There is no way you can explain how we came into existence, how the WORLD came into existence and say there is no God. It takes a WHOLE LOT more faith to believe that there is no God than to believe that there IS. Your disbelief cannot save you from the wrath of a Holy God. And before someone says I am arrogant, trust me – I’m far from it. I’ve been saved and redeemed by the Lord because of His grace.

What I speak of, I know to be true, and I’m pleading with you all to turn from your sins, open your hardened hearts, repent, and put your trust in Jesus Christ. To deny Him is to bring further condemnation on yourself. I would hate for you to live life as if there is no God JUST to find out when it’s too late that there is one.

Grace and Peace,

That was followed by a slew of comments. Now, did I expect anyone to agree with me ? No, I really didn’t, but it’s always interesting to see an atheist’s comebacks to a Christian:

One said:
I always find it interesting that for many people, personal faith is not enough. They feel compelled to convert people whenever they can, including on internet message boards for make-up. I’m not sure if its insecurity or inability to tell where and when these types of conversations are appropriate. This is why people read Richard Dawkins.

It really annoys me when Christians or any religious people for that matter look down on atheists and try to teach them about their “sins” and judgement day and all that stuff. I could not care less about all that. It’s very arrogant and rude. I don’t belittle your beliefs, so please, let everyone make up their own mind. Religious faith should be practiced privately, and not with the intent to convert others.
In fact, I think believing in God is pretty much like believing in the toothfairy, but hey that is my own PERSONAL opinion.
Very devout people of any faith scare me.

And yet another:
I just feel bad for people whenever I read that self-righteous, I’m saved on Jesus stuff. They don’t really want everyone to convert and join them in heaven, in reality they want to feel special and better than everyone else. We love to wallow in superiority.
In my line of work, I’ve also discovered that belief in Jesus and knowledge that one is already saved tends to make people extra unaccountable for there actions here on lowly planet human.
It used to make me angry, but now I just feel sad.

And finally:
Now, here’s a question for you Jenn. Do you believe the bible as literal truth (which means the earth was created the way Genesis says it was) or do you have a more modern approach to creation? If you believe the bible is literal truth, then fair enough. It’s true to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s true to anyone else. Even the catholic church largely accepts that the story of creation in Genesis is simply wrong. If you don’t believe the bible is the literal truth, then how do you personally decide which bits of the bible are true and which aren’t?
I’m not trying to knock you personally but I would like you to think hard about why you believe what you do and come up with some answers. You’ve already said that not believing in god is foolish; well you are calling one of the finest minds (Professor Richard Dawkins) at one of the world’s top universities (Oxford) foolish and I’d really like to see how you justify that rationally and with verifiable evidence. Don’t take his title of professor lightly – here in the UK, only the very top academics are awarded that title. Those who have regular university appointments to teach students are called lecturers rather than professors unlike in the USA.

I was talking to a friend about the comments and I told him — Whenever a Christian simply disagrees with an atheist, they’re arrogant and self righteous. It’s never the atheist. You can say, “Hey I’m a filthy rotten sinner who needed a Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ IS that Savior and He redeemed me!” And I’d still be arrogant and self righteous or insecure, or whatever is the adjective of the day. Listening to WOTM, I have found out that most atheistic objections are pre-packaged. What do I mean by that ? Well, it seems that all objections or reactions / responses are the same.

My second and last post on that thread:
To answer quickly, I do believe the entire Bible to be the Word of God. It is infallible and 100% true. No fairytales, no fiction. The life, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ are well documented. To compare Christianity to Catholicism is not good b/c simply, Catholics are largely not considered Christians and many will say they are Catholics and not Christians.

The Bible is NOT just my truth; it’s THE Truth.

I haven’t been a Christian all my life, but even before the Lord snatched me up, I knew there was a God. As I said earlier, to be otherwise IS foolish. I really am not impressed with the mind of Dawkins; he still has no common sense, and he’s leading many astray with it. Titles mean nothing. And atheism is not new; it’s been around for a minute. Why do I call it foolish ?

The fool says in his heart, There is no God…
Psalms 14:1 ESV

It’s easy to not believe in God. To acknowledge there is a God means acknowledging that it is really not about you. To believe in God means you can not live for your own pleasures, and lets face it – Sinful men want to do what they want. And when I say ‘sinful men’, I mean every single man, woman, or child on the planet. No one is good. If you think you are good, think again. The heart of man is wicked and deceitful. It’s easier to live in denial, following your own pleasures than to acknowledge there is a God and you just might be in trouble because you’re not living up to His standards.

LipstickAndHate – You SHOULD be sad because you’re going to die, as we all are, and you don’t know where you’re going. Eternity is a very long time… That is very sad indeed. Bodily death is NOT the end. Life is but a vapor and to spend it in this world thinking there is no God only to find out too late is very sad…

It always interests me how many atheists always point at the Christian as being arrogant and rude as if we have something to gain by introducing you to the One who can take you out of your sins, clean your heart, and redeem you. How is it rude that I want to see other people have the same eternal security that God has given me through His Son Jesus Christ ? I have nothing to gain, but you have much to gain.

I’m not better than anyone. I’m not necessarily special. Whatever is good in me or about me comes through Christ’s imputed righteousness and none of my own, and for that, I am ever so grateful.

Atheism turn one’s back on the very One who created them. That’s like your own child rebelling against you and denying your very existence. How would you feel ?

Honestly, I pray that you all would come to know Christ by repenting of your sins and placing trust in Him. God is real; He exists. All you have to do is look outside. If there is any delusion, it is the delusion that there is NO God.

When dealing with those who deny the very existence of God, I always wonder how to respond. I think of Paul the apostle and how he didn’t bite his tongue… neither did John and definitely neither did Jesus Christ. I always wonder if I’m responding appropriately, if I should be nicer, if I’m being TOO nice. At any rate, I pray they listen to me and somehow that God uses that to spark atleast ONE heart for Him.


7 thoughts on “The Atheist Delusion

  1. youngnoble says:

    good read ….great response od dhow its cool how intolerant atheist can be and they say folks need to be open minded to other folks beliefs. Geez..I guess that tolerance isn’t applicable when you Believe Jesus is the only way. Can’t devout Christians be fully commited to their belief with out yeilding? I mean the atheist are! They say were arrogant for Saying their is a God that is gonna hold man accountable when on the flipside they Say their isn’t a God so do what ever…hmm…this reminded me of a post Zee had on HCR….Any way Good job defending the faith while trying to reach out Jenn. Peace

  2. Rikki says:

    You were just nice enough! šŸ™‚ Good job! It’s really sad how people can deceive themselves so that they can live any way they want.

  3. Makarios says:

    Good post. Stay strong.

  4. Jenn, you did a great job….I pray also like you that they cannot get away from what you said and that they come to know Him as Lord and Saviour!!!! My approach to atheist when I meet them is most all the time the same….. It is pretty much as you wrote it here…”Your disbelief cannot save you from the wrath of a Holy God.”

    Romans 3:3 amp. “what if some did not believe and were without faith? Does their lack of faith and faithlessness nullify and make ineffective and void the faithfulness of God and His fidelity [to His Word]?”

    I ask them what if they tell the policec officer after being pulled over…. “I don’t believe you’re real”…. Rather we believe or not it doesn’t make Him go away or His word not aplly to us, not just because you don’t believe! That ticket you get…just ignore that too and see what happens…… Again I enjoy your blogs sooo much. And you can best believe I talk about you to others when I talk about how God is surrounding me with encouragement! Thanks Pally!

  5. Jennifer Barrett says:

    Jenn, you were being an ambassador for Christ. The only thing that you need to know is that you’ve planted the seed where it needed to be planted. Don’t be moved by your emotions as to if you were being too nice or too mean. All you were to do, was to present the information the way the Holy Spirit led you. In Matt 10:34, Jesus said, “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” And we all know that the sword of TRUTH cuts deep. You were right in saying that they are in denial b/c they want to continue in sin. Sin has pleasure for a season. Like FLAME said: “Seek Him now as Savior or seek Him later as judge.” I’m proud of you. I appreciate your boldness! Keep it up, evangelist! Be blessed and encouraged. By the way, sorry I haven’t been on myspace in a minute. I do read the LifeInReturn blogs, if it’s any consolation. šŸ˜‰

  6. stay encouraged sis. i think what you wrote was very good, especially your last post. to be honest, i thought your first one was a little proud & puffed up, but that 2nd one was totally on point.

    sadly enough, all we can do is share the gospel with them, but it’s up to them how they will respond and whether or not they will continue to harden their heart towards God. when i look at Scripture though, it really grieves me to know that people will go to hell simply because they “want” to and would rather continue rebelling against God, much like their father, satan.

    nevertheless, it is continually my prayer that the unbeliever would come to the knowledge of the truth and grow in relationship with Christ.


  7. Candace says:

    I actually found your website through the website that I think you are speaking of a couple of months ago. What I find interesting is one of the comments that someone left on that board said something like devout people of faith scare them. That’s crazy to me because atheists and people who believe in NOTHING scares me. How can you walk this earth everyday and not believe that there is a higher being watching over you. I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus Christ died for me and my sins, but I don’t knock anyone else’s relgion. At least you believe in something and believe that what you do on earth with be rewarded (or punished) after death. To me if you believe there is NO GOD you are just walking around with no idea of where you are going in life or after life. You are driving without a map and no destination in sight. That in itself scares me. How could you not look up in the sky and see the sun and not believe there is a God. How can you not witness the birth of a child and not believe that there is a God. And also for them to say that the “professor” is a brilliant man and a scholar. What, just because he has that title what he says is the truth? That’s TOTALLY foolish. I’m glad that you responded the way that you did. You may have brought one non believer to HIM or at least made them think about it.

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