48 Hours + Killing Sin

Within approximately 48 hours, I’ll be on my way to the airport to catch a plane. I haven’t packed, don’t know WHAT I am going to do with my hair… 😯 I am very nervous, yet very excited. I’m not a fan of flying, but I will do it. I can’t wait until I actually land in Philadelphia and get to see and meet my friends and family in Christ! I need that fellowship right now most definitely.

On Wednesday evening, I listened to parts 1a and 1b of Piper’s sermon series called ‘How to Kill Sin’. I’d completed Romans 6 earlier so it was an awesome tie-in. I uploaded 1a, 1b, and 2a so that those who read my blog can listen as well. Each part is about 25 minutes long.

How to Kill Sin Part 1a

How to Kill Sin Part 1b

How to Kill Sin Part 2a

I don’t have a lot to really blog about; I just wanted to post those sermons up.

Grace and Peace in Christ alone.


One thought on “48 Hours + Killing Sin

  1. Romans 6 is definately a great study…… Actually it’s my last biggest study I’ve done in a while! and it was definatetly freeing… I mean the first part where it talks about being baptized into Christ and therefore taking part in His death. This means we died to sin. So we no long have to feel hopeless against sin… such as lust, pornography, lying, stealing, cheating etc etc etc….. Whatever it may be! And to me this is a message that this younger generation needs badly cause they seem to have no hope in this world. Shucks, I’m 27 and I was beginning to feel like I was hopelless against habitual sinning! But then after talking about being buried into Christ death Paul goes on to say so it’s really about who you are yeilding your memebers too. And reading your blogs I know you like driving so this you’ll understand even like I understood it… yeilding myself to sin or righteousness is as simple as entering the freeway and yeilding to the traffic already traveling on it. The traffic is sin or righteousness and we simple yeild and surrender ourselves to one or the other. Feeling hopeless in itself is yeilding to sin, but to confess and believe is to yeild to righteousness…..Oooo how I could go on….but this is only suppose to be a comment huh….LoL Sorry buddy! Have fun on your tripp….Take pics…. and We’ll see ya later!

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