My Motorola SLVR is loaded up with all kinds of goodies right now. As far as non-music, I’ve added some sermons from James MacDonald, John MacArthur, Way of the Master’s show for 4/10, and John Piper. Podcasts are such a wonderful thing. I download the shows and get to pick what I want to listen to. In music, I have artists such as B. Morr, Everyday Process, J.R., Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin, Michelle Bonilla, R Swift, Fred Hammond, Kierra Sheard, Hezekiah Walker, Watermark, and many more.

Total files – 78
Duration – 14 hours, 44 minutes, 23 seconds
Approximate Size of ALL Files – 488,881kb

As I often do, I’ll turn it on and let it lull me to sleep… then I’ll wake up to it, Lord willing. I pray I get some good sleep tonight… atleast 8 hours worth. I want some hot tea, but I’m way too tired to boil the water, brew the tea, sweeten it, and add lemon juice to it. Yes, I’m a bit lazy right now, but… it’s been a long day and a night full of rest is a welcome treat.


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