Rain and Easter

It’s storming here in Texas. As I write this, I can hear the thunder rumbling and I’m actually listening to The Fragile Breath (The Thunder Song) by Todd Agnew. Last night, while in the storm, I took notice of the lightning. There were times when it looked pink and times when it was like a flashlight was aimed right at the city. I’m thankful I got my windshield wipers fixed a couple of weeks ago! As I was leaving a local grocery store, I walked outside and found myself standing in front of a HUGE and DEEP puddle. So what did my 26 year old self do ? I stepped into it and kicked the water around with my feet. It was quite fun although my Nikes were thoroughly soaked. I loved it though. I love to play in the rain. It just feel so pure and cleansing to me even though I do live in the middle of a smog filled city.

So impressed by the lightning, thunder, and rain, I talked about it with Toya. She reminded me that thunder is the sound that lightning makes. I told her that I didn’t think that was the case so I googled it. She was right. Now, let me say this – I am sure I learned that in elementary, but that was over half of my life ago, lol, so I don’t remember much at times. So hey, I guess I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader, haha! As I was reading the facts about lightning and thunder, I looked through the rest of the site I was on – Science Made Simple. I did a few of the experiments – The Paralyzed Finger, Confuse Your Legs, and Think You Can Lift Your Leg. Yes! I know that I am easily amused and no one has to tell ME twice!

Sunday, April 1, is Palm Sunday. First, I have to say, this year is ZOOMING by. I will be 27 in less than 6 months Lord willing. And also, I’ll be in Philadelphia / Maryland 2 weeks from tomorrow. That will definitely be exciting. I will get to see so many people – old and new – and the fellowship will just be so awesome, praise God. Palm Sunday’s sermon will be based on Matthew 21:1 – 11 and is called The Triumphal Entry. I’ve never observed Palm Sunday before. I’d gotten to a point in the past few years where I’d stopped celebrating Easter (along with Christmas) because of the way that they have been pimped to the world. Amazing how the focus has been taken off what the holiday is truly supposed to be about. From the death / burial / resurrection of Christ to bunnies with eggs and pretty pastel clothing. For one, when did bunnies ever lay eggs ?

Many Christians do not know the origin of the name Easter and the symbolism of rabbits. Many don’t even think to care. Many times, we just do and say without knowing why instead of being like the Bereans in Acts 17:11. Ishtar is known as the ‘goddess’ of fertility (and ‘goddess’ of Spring) and rabbits are well known for their reproductive abilities. Rabbits are quite fertile. So… this is why I stopped celebrating Easter. It is known as Resurrection Sunday to me. Even with Good Friday, the world gets that day off, and to them, that is all it is – a day off.

At any rate, I’ll be at church Sunday getting fed the beautiful Word of God in observation of the beginning of week leading up to my Savior’s death, burial, and… it doesn’t stop there! Resurrection! I’ve included under the Quick Links section a link to daily readings for Passion Week.

I’m off to read some Johnny E. Johnathan Edwards, that is.

Soli Deo Gloria.


One thought on “Rain and Easter

  1. A girl after my own heart, in just over a week Providence Church will celebrate “Resurrection Sunday” and it will be free from eggs or bunnies or any other pagan tributes.

    Most folks just don’t know. Some don’t care. Others want to try to redeem those aspects, but I would love to see those things which are pagan in origin and eclipsing of Christ in practice fall by the wayside, at least for God’s people.

    Yeah, that rain was something, wasn’t it?

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