Iniquitous Generation

I am subscribed to the newsletter at which gives me a free song download every time the newsletter is sent out. I usually download them and have gotten songs like Wedding Dress by Derek Webb, Restore to Me by Glory Revealed, Awake by Seventh Day Slumber, Holy (Acoustic) by Nichole Nordeman, and Don’t Walk Away by Shawn McDonald. I finally listened to Wedding Dress yesterday, and after a couple of times, I HEARD the lyrics. It’s a beautiful song that brings tears to my eyes:

I am so easily satisfied
By the call of lovers less wild
That I would take a little cash
Over Your very flesh and blood

The song is on Derek’s myspace. To see that he considers himself reformed is a surprise. Although there are quite a few Biblically solid singers out there (Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, etc.), it’s rare to hear one say that he, or she, is indeed reformed.

The song is quite raw, I’ll say that. As I said earlier, it took a few times for me to realize what he was saying. And as I’m typing this entry and listening to it, it’s doing a number on me… as if I needed help crying these days.

It seems that the news is having a more profound effect on me lately. I see some stories and tears come to my eyes, or I just start crying. Just in the D/FW area alone, there’s so much crime, so many accidents, so many missing children. I hate seeing children hurt, abused, missing, raped, molested, sold for sex… It hurts so much because these babies can’t fight back when they’re against a predator that has so much more mass than they… I believe that these people are truly sick, but I hurt for the children because it is not their fault.

I praise God for those that are found. In the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of praying for two missing children – Mychael Darthard-Dawodu and Carlos Alvarenga Jr. Mychael, 3 days old, and sickly, was stolen from a hospital in Lubbock, Texas. I glorify God because she was found all the way in New Mexico and she was okay and reunited with her mother. Then, the case of Carlos’ situation happened this weekend. Young Carlos’ father attacked his estranged wife, and the boy’s mother, with a machete, caused serious injuries, and drove off with their son. He was later found at the Dallas Zoo, alive and well. Praise the Father for that as well. God is just so awesome and I thank Him for these babies being located. All too often, there’s an unhappy ending. There are so many more missing children that have been missing for YEARS that have not been found. I pray the Lord gives wisdom to the families, whether the children are alive and dead, so that they may have peace and closure.

If the Lord blesses me to be married and have children of my own, I’ll be so careful. These days, you can barely send them to school without having to be concerned about them being abused (physically or sexually) or being kidnapped. Being single and in no relationship, I don’t know how far off my being married may be, but I will say this – I will love my children to pieces and strive to be a Godly mother that models Biblical guidelines for parenting. I will teach them the ways of the Lord, and I will protect them and pray for them constantly. I would love to adopt as well, so I pray that the man that desires to pursue me as his wife shares my heart on that matter. It doesn’t matter where the children are from; I just want to take them in.

Although it tends to have me in a depressed state, I thank the Lord for the heart He’s given me concerning the plight of children all over the world. I pray He helps me to explore that according to His purpose for me.

Grace and Peace.


2 thoughts on “Iniquitous Generation

  1. I enjoyed the article, God bless you and thank your for your heart for our kids. I pray that we ALL develop that heart for the children!

  2. Keziah says:

    It is always a blessing to come here to read your posts.

    Thanks for sharing this song. It is on its third or fourth play at the moment as I work out the lyrics.

    Thank you too for your compassion and prayers for these children. It breaks my heart that people could do that. We in my group of my friends here have all been so shaken and disturbed recently when one of our friends was arrested and charged with making child pornography. On one hand, we are all hoping that it is some sort of terrible, awful mistake, but know that whatever happened, someone did something to those poor children. They are in my constant prayers.

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