Inspired by life and a track by Everyday Process called ‘Grace’.

O, God, I sit here and I think on Your grace
There have been times that I wondered why’d You’d even waste
Your goodness and mercy on someone like me
Grace abounding to the chief of sinners and it’s free!
So much could be happening; I could be dead
I could be the woman who’s boyfriend shot her in the head
I could be the daughter killed by that drunk driver
I could be on the corner selling drugs waiting for a buyer
I could have been pimped and forced to sell sex
I could have caught AIDS from fornicating with an ex
I could be homeless begging for money and a food scrap
Half naked in a music video dancing to filthy rap
So many times You’ve kept and spared me
When they’d ask how I made it, I used to say ‘Barely’
But now that I’m saved by grace, I know it’s Your grace
I know You kept me; I know that’s the case
Because in my relationships, you helped me get out
When out late at night, you protect my route
You never let me get too deep into the drugs
You never really let me get involved with the thugs
Unprotected sex with partners – no babies, no AIDS
Although I ran away from home, I always could have stayed
And though I did degrade myself, doing it in videos made me afraid
I never wanted to be too known and used to think it was me
But it was You keeping Your daughter who you planned to set free
I could be dead in my sins with hell as my future home
You could have left my heart hardened and left me alone
But praise You, O Lord, You didn’t! My name You called
And You held Your hand out so that there’d be no final fall
Lord God, Your grace is from the beginning to the end
Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ – my Savior, my friend
Dear Lord, Your grace is so necessary, so true
Lord I’m forever indebted because of the grace of You


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