Fantastic Four, Cavie, and Praise

To say I am excited about this would be an understatement! YES!!! I watched the first Fantastic Four earlier this year and I really liked it. So, yes, I’m really excited about June 15th!

I am really looking forward to my trip to Philly and Maryland next month. My visit to Philly in December was absolutely wonderful and I look forward to fellowshipping with my family in Christ again.

I picked up my dear Cavalier from the shop on Friday. I was impressed; they washed it for me as well. I haven’t washed my car in MONTHS so that was a welcome surprise. Everything seemed to be sounding better. My windshield wipers were the sharpest they have EVER been! I have NEVER seen my windshield get wiped so clean! After I got back to my part of town, I stopped by Home Depot and Walmart and headed home. I got my groceries out of the car and headed in, stopping to activate my car alarm. I heard it chirp, but I didn’t hear my locks move. I walked closer to my car, did the alarm again, and still didn’t hear the locks. I walked to my driver’s side, activated the alarm again while watching the locks… I heard it chirp, but… the locks did not move. My car had been unlocked the whole time I was in Home Depot and Walmart, and it would have been sitting in front of the house unlocked had I not noticed. I immediately called Carmax on my cell phone, but of course, by this time, they were closed. I left a message for the mechanic in charge of my car repairs and I know I sounded a little annoyed. I had another surprise waiting for me when I left the house later. I was attempting to unlock the door on my driver’s side and noticed that the lock seemed ‘loose’. No matter which way I turned my key, the lock would not budge. It’s as if it’s no longer connected. So presently, in order for me to get in my locked car, I have to manually unlock my passenger door, crawl in, unlock the driver door, close my passenger door, walk around to the driver’s side, and get in. It’s a hassle, especially since I am supposed to have keyless remote entry. I have no clue what was even done to my car for my DOOR lock to be messed up and for my keyless remote entry to no longer be working. I’m not a car person, but I can’t imagine what could have possibly been done to my car that has it in this shape. I know I should be receiving a call tomorrow about this. If I don’t, they will be getting a call. On top of this, I am temporarily out of $140 due to the rental. They reimburse, but it takes about 2 weeks for the check to come to me in the mail. The car repairs have turned into a headache. As I told a friend, it’s just helping me grow in Christ and in Holiness. My natural inclination is to get highly irritated, but I’m keeping it under wraps a bit… not as much as I should be, so I’m thankful for God’s mercy. Seriously.

I was talking to my friend Brandon about the disconnect between sound doctrine and worship. In most PCA churches, the teaching is on point, but the worship is ‘dry’. By ‘dry’, I mean there is no lifting of hands, no moving, just standing there holding your hymn book and singing along with everyone. At the charismatic churches, the teaching is not always on point, but the worship is. Hands are raised, knees are bent. Personally, I am a ‘lift hands’ type of girl when singing, praying, and worshipping. I kneel and sometimes tears are shed, but if I were to do that at my current church (a PCA), I’d be looked at as if I just grew an arm out of my forehead. Where is the ‘happy medium’ ? One of the many things I admire about Epiphany Fellowship is that there is a beautiful merge of the two – doctrinally sound teaching and heartfelt worship. I’d love to be able to be in church with my hands raised while singing hymns without being looked at in an odd fashion. In this area, I think the church lacks… no proper marriage of the two. Emotionalism has been so pimped and abused that anytime emotion is expressed in a worship setting in a conservative church, it’s looked down upon. That’s a very sad thing. I’ve been in pentecostal / charismatic churches where people have been running around the church, screaming at the top of their lungs… I’ve been hit in the back of my head before by a woman sitting behind me who ‘caught the spirit’. I believe that God is a God of order and not confusion, so I think those acts have cast a bad light on true heartfelt appreciation of the Lord. I posted this very paragraph at Puritan Board so maybe some insight will be shed.

I’m excited because my dwelling place is clean. I love a clean environment. ALL of my clothes are washed and put up. My books are neatly stacked and shelved. My bed is made. I just need to vacuum tomorrow. I’m excited about that. When you get excited about vacuuming and cleaning, chances are, you proooobably need a life, lol.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Four, Cavie, and Praise

  1. Adam says:

    I commented on the PB, great topic!

  2. Gloria says:

    Very good points.

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