Prayers and Sins

The Lord is so awesome even when I’m not as I should be. Two friends of mine – B. Morr and Mac (along with Iz-Real) – are releasing albums next month – Self Denial and Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination. Both Christian hip hop artists with God given talents, skills, and lives to match, I really wanted to come out and support. I couldn’t afford the plane ticket, but I thought, Wow, so many of my family in Christ will be there. I prayed about it and honestly, I didn’t think it was going to happen. For that, I repent.

I’d had a not so great Thursday. I was feeling Psalm 51:3 in a huge way; my sin was ever before me. I was irritable, had assualting dreams while I napped, and I allowed a lot to get under my skin moreso than usual. I’d been called around 1 something by the mechanic in charge of my car to let me know that my car would be ready by 3. I didn’t end up leaving the house until 4:30ish. While I was just about there, 20 minutes away in another city, I get a phone call from home letting me know that the mechanic had called and my car was NOT ready. I was so HOT. I took the next exit and had to drive a while before I could find somewhere to pull over. I ended up at a Shell station. I called the mechanic, found out what was going on, got off the phone with him, called a friend and VENTED. Not the Godliest thing to do at all, and I realize it, but my flesh won because I felt like I just HAD to get it out. I stayed in that city for a while due to traffic. I drove around, went to a gas station because my rental was on E, popped my check card at the pump just for it to have an error telling me to go inside. I go inside and their computers are down! I ended up stopping at a Jack in the Box (the majority of which I ended up throwing away because I really don’t like fast food) and heading back to my part of town. While about 12 minutes away from home, I was stuck in traffic because ONE truck in the middle lane was stalled. It’s amazing how ONE truck backed up THREE lanes for about 3 miles.

After I got out of the traffic and got closer to home, I get a text message from a brother in Christ saying he needed to talk to me. I was nervous because whenever someone says, “We need to talk”, it’s NOT really good. When I got to a stoplight, I called him back to hear him tell me that he and another brother would pay for my plane ticket to Philly next month and all I would have to do is find a place to stay.

WHAT? Are you serious? I almost cried. So, here I am, plane ticket purchased for 10 days and 9 nights. God is awesome and I REALLY do not deserve it. And to top that off, I was talking to one of my brothers on the phone tonight and he said if I get accepted into school in Philly, and get a green light to move, he’d drive my car to Philly for me.

Him – Yea, have I ever not kept my word ? Look, if you get everything situated there, and get a green light on it, I’ll drive your car there.
Me – But it’s a day’s drive…
Him – Look, I don’t care. Just take care of what you need to take care of and let me know. My word is gold; Have I ever let you down ?
Me – No

So, yes, I’m feeling cloud 9ish… and a little groggy. I’ve been coughing something major lately and took some Nyquil Cough. Bedtime!


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