The Fall

I was diving into Genesis 3 last night, which was, as always, a very eye opening study. I just wanted to share some of my highlights if I may.

When the serpent approached the woman, he focused on the prohibition versus God’s plentiful provision. God had given man and woman all but ONE tree in the garden so they had much else, but the serpent attacks Eve with the ONE THING God said no to, therefore taking her focus off of God’s provision and blessing. The way he approached Eve also questions God’s commands. When we were children and our parents would tell us we couldn’t do something and we’d tell our friends, they’d often respond with a “What? Did they REALLY say that?” It’s a questioning of sorts, a perspective put forth that subtly says that the parents are unfair. In the serpent’s process of deceit, a picture of God is painted. This picture shows God as an unfair, insecure, tyrannical being who does not keep His Word. “You surely won’t die” “God knows you’ll be like Him” “Did God really say don’t eat of the tree?” You get the point.

God’s Word is amazing! As Christians, we HAVE to hold fast to the Word of God alone. We must never let the devil undermine it, twist it, or cause us to view the text in a light that it is not meant to be viewed. The serpent took God’s command and made the woman question it. It was twisted and made to mean something that it NEVER meant.

What the serpent offers is a chance to be like God, knowing the difference between good and evil, this new enlightenment. It sounds good to the woman so she looks at the tree with a new perspective. What was once forbidden is now beautiful to look at, good for food, and has a plus – It’ll make her wise! So she eats it then gives it to her husband to eat. They get the promised ‘enlightenment’, but it’s perverted and twisted! They have now met sin and introduced it into the world.

Even when the Lord found out their sin after their unsuccessful attempts at HIDING it (How many times do we try to do that?), they did not own up to it. Adam tried to place the blame on God – “The woman YOU gave me gave the fruit to me” and Eve blamed the serpent. Neither wholly owned up to their sin. That just made matters worse. He accused God, she accused the serpent, which got them into deeper sin. They were being deceitful and not forthright and honest.

Throughout it all, including His judgements on man and woman, God was merciful. Not only did He allow them to live, but He did them a favor by banishing them from the garden. If they would have stayed, chances were they would have eaten of the Tree of Life and would end up being in their sinful state forever. So, He showed mercy by banishing them and having an angel protect the tree with a flaming sword. And on top of that, He made them real clothing instead of the makeshift clothing they’d made from leaves. Mercy on top of mercy on top of mercy.

In all Scripture, it can be applied. No matter the account, no matter the passage, it can be applied to our lives. In the account of the fall, it shows us:

  • Even in our sin, God is still merciful.
  • We do not get what we deserve.
  • Hold to the Word of God; let nothing distort it.
  • Obey God and His Word.
  • Take full ownership of our sins and confess them; repent.
  • Focus on provision, not prohibition.
  • Be content with God’s blessings; don’t give the devil a foothold.
  • Sin is never worth it.

Tonight, I’m getting into Genesis 4 and 5 and Matthew 4. Yay! Praise God for illumination of His Word.


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