Blessed Trinity!!!

Reading the Bible is so awesome. Understatement of the year, I know, and that is not a new revelation. It’s just that it allows me to commune with my Father on a whole different level and I’m appreciative, very thankful that not only did He give us a way to know Him through the living Word – Christ – but He also gave us a way that we may know Him through His written Word – the Bible.

I studied Genesis 1, 2, and Matthew 1 today. I’ve been skipping around with my studies, but I’ve put myself on a study plan in order to create discipline in my life concerning my devotional time. I get so excited when I’m reading a passage that I’ve read many times before, yet I get a fresh understanding. I remember when I realized that man and woman were vegetarians before the fall. I was telling ALL of my friends – “Hey, did you know that, before the fall, Adam and Eve were vegetarians!?” “Um, okay, Jenn”. Haha, I get so excited about things like that. To some people, it may not be a big deal, but it really helps me to get a better picture of things. And I love the fact that the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are still running today, just as they were running when the Lord placed Adam in the garden of Eden. I look at how the Lord gave Adam and Eve ALL of this beautiful greenery to eat, but they just HAD to have the ONE thing the Lord said that they couldn’t. Isn’t that how we are now ? The Lord can bless us with SO MUCH, but the one thing He says no to, we just have to have. And even when man rebelled and ate of the thing that the Lord said would bring death if eaten, introducing sin into the world, He still showed mercy and gave man a way out through Jesus Christ. Then I think about His decreed Word and imperative Will! The Lord speaks and things come to be. There is NO life apart from God! And when He speaks things into existence, when He decrees things, they must happen. They will happen. There is no ‘other will’ that can fight against His Will. That’s beautiful. When the Lord says something must happen, it will. We can see this just through the line that started with Abraham and ended with Jesus. Through Tamar’s seduction of Judah, Rahab the harlot, David’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba, the idol worshipping Moabite Ruth, and the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ was STILL born. No matter what people had done, no matter their mess ups, the Lord’s Will was done.

God uses the unlikely all throughout the Bible. How blessed are we that He does. We’re so filthy and wretched, but the Lord sees fit to use us as human agents to accomplish things on His behalf.

Earlier yesterday evening, Toya and I met in Arlington to eat and visit one of our favorite Christian bookstores. While we were at Mardel’s, I opened my purse to show her my million dollar bill tracts and my gospels of John that I was carrying around with me. She started to sing the lyrics from Shai Linne’s “Solus Christus” – “Your backpack’s got tracts…” and then I got excited, told her to wait, pulled out my Bible and said, “And of course my Sword’s in it!”… Man, we’re corny. We went to Chipotle where I had this great burrito bowl that I could hardly finish (What was wrong with ME!?) and then we headed back to Mardel’s. They have such cute shirts. Some are funny, some are rather corny. It’s funny. Everytime I think about Christian t shirts, I think about a Paul Washer sermon where he says, “You think you’re radical because you wear a Christian t shirt”. Ever since then, I’ve felt SOME kind of way about wearing my tees, lol.

While we were out, walking off our food by walking through the shopping center, we passed by a bridal store. I glanced in and saw this absolutely beautiful non traditional dress! Toya would not go in with me, so I went in to look at it. It was just too beautiful for words. It was a typical halter design, but it had this rose colored belt that came down in the back, with pieces of the color woven throughout the rest of the dress. Wedding dress or not, I appreciate unique things. If I were getting married soon, I’d wear that dress. It was that gorgeous.

It’s 2:45a. I completed my studying, applied for some jobs, and now, I suppose I need some sleep. I need to stop taking God’s gift for granted. Sleep is not optional; it’s most definitely required.

This hymn has been in my mind all day. I think we sang it at church Sunday, but it is definitely one of my favorites.

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty! God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!


2 thoughts on “Blessed Trinity!!!

  1. Keziah says:

    I liked reading those insights into Genesis 1. I’m needing to keep remembering that God has his plan which has been set from before Creation and it WILL be fulfilled. Aargh – I know it, I just need to act, think and pray like I do!

  2. “Holy! Holy! Holy!” is probably the first hymn i memorized as a young gurl’ so why can’t i recite the thing now….lol! i recently sung it at the ligonier conference and it renewed something in me!

    but yeah, fam! what’s up! i’ve been keeping you lifted and i’m excited about seeing you up here on the mid-atlantic in april, sis!


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