The Whirlwind

Earlier, I received an add request from a little sister in the Faith that really warmed my heart. After checking out her page, reading her poetry, and corresponding with her through MySpace’s messaging system, I must say — I was THOROUGHLY impressed with this 17 year old young lady. She has a gift for poetry and much wisdom for her age. I look forward to seeing her grow. It’s just amazing to see all of THAT in someone so young. I pray she remains and becomes more virtuous and solidified in the Faith that is in Jesus Christ.

Tonight, pulling into the neighborhood, the moon looked as though it were positioned behind a tree. It would have made the most perfect picture. It was really beautiful. The silhouette of the tall tree illumined by the moon!

While listening to the Way of the Master (Don’t say it, Nab! Ahahaha, I DID end up blogging it lol) show from today, Kirk was talking about a new book by John MacArthur called The Truth War: Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception.

The Truth War: Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception

According to Pyromaniacs:

The Truth War is going to be a powerful, and very controversial, book.

Actually that may be a huge understatement. It is without question the most provocative book John MacArthur has written since The Gospel According to Jesus. It deals in no-holds-barred fashion with “postmodern evangelicalism,” the Emerging Church, the deliberate dumbing-down of theology, and the trivialization of everything sacred.

The book’s starting point is Jude’s famous mandate to contend earnestly for the faith because false teachers have crept into the church unnoticed. MacArthur traces the history of the long war against the truth and shows why the threat is so serious at this particular juncture. He says some things that might shock readers accustomed to the milder and more genteel tone of this blog. ‘Nuff said.

So, yes. I think that will DEFINITELY be an item that I’ll eventually need to add to my library. I’m saying. Books and music are my THING. Better those than anything else, eh ? šŸ˜€

On other notes, I’m feeling much better, glory to God. I’ve been taking vitamin C tablets and drinking lots of water. Today was the first day I really ATE something so that was a welcome accomplishment, lol. My leg pains are not nearly as bad as they were. To be honest, I only have 2 spots of pain and a tad bit of stiffness in my neck and shoulders. But other than that ? I’m doing much better. To everyone who prayed for me, thank you definitely. The Lord has heard and honored! I’m going to the doctor this week to get my additional testing done. For now, I’m crawling in the bed and doing some reading. I should have BEEN in the bed though. It is, after all 3:06a.


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